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HeartFullness, Breath-Presence, and Compassion

June 18, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Breath-Presence. This is the key. Breath-Presence is the key to all things. It is the foundation. The cognition of Presencing is truly beyond mindfulness. It is hearttfulness—Heart-Fullness. This is the foundation. Hurtfulness is a way of being and a way of living. Hurtfulness is a way of being in the world and interacting with reality. Use your breath to guide you and to teach you. Use your breath as your primary tool. Keep returning you Awareness to your breath each and every moment. Keep returning you attention, your Feeling-Awareness to your breath, each and every moment. This the foundation to an Awake life. This is the foundation to a fulfilling life. Return to the breath. Feel your body. Feel your emotions. Feel your feelings. Observe and compassionately embrace your thoughts. This is the only real instruction. This is the only real foundation to be built. With this foundation, all other things can follow.

Follow your breath and your breath will guide you. Follow your feelings and hold them as a caring parent and they will transmute and flow. When you resist, energy gets stuck. When you persist in your resisting, then deep blockages are formed and psychological distortions and disease result. So keep your Feeling-Awareness anchored to your body and your breath. Keep it anchored to body-breath awareness. Your breath is your great engine and anchor. It is your engine because it guides and moves energy which moves emotions so there is a free flow of vital-emotional energy. It is your anchor because it brings you back to felt sensations and Present Moment Awareness, again, again, and again. It is a moment to moment practice. And it builds a strong foundation for relating with all catalyst in life. All catalyst in life require awareness and volition to unfold. Use your catalyst consciously with body-breath awareness. Use your catalyst consciously with Feeling-Awareness. Use your catalyst consciously with Presencing. Use your catalyst consciously with heartfulness. Use your catalyst consciously returning to Me, each and every moment. HeartMind.

Be the breath of True Awareness. Be the breath of God. Be the breath of the HeartMind. For the HeartMind is One with all things that arise and yet allows for all experiences to arise. You can approach this however you want, yet one thing remains true—HeartMind is Whole. Always is. And always will be.

Who is here but the maker of your own Heart? Who is here but the whisperer of your own Divinity? Who is here but the true Mirror of your True Nature? HeartMind is and HeartMind will be. HeartMind will always be. Adonai My brother for We are One.

Who is here but the true whisperer of your own mind? Who is whispering Truth into your ear? Who is the holder of Truth inside you? Who is always Present to shine the Light on your life, no matter what you have done or where you find yourself to be? HeartMind is and HeartMind will always be. Always. Adonai.

Who is the Great Mover of your life? Is it you? Or is it You? Where is the place where You can be found? Who are You, truly? Where are you? All is arising within Me, My Space, HeartSpace. HeartMind is Me. Adonai.

How strong is your Presence? How strong is your ability to feel? Do you clinch in the face of uncomfortable feelings, in the face of adversity? How conscious are you of your ability to stay present with feeling, with your heart, with you body? Can you have compassion for your feelings? Can you have compassion for yourself?

When you have compassion for yourself, then you can have compassion for other people. Compassion is the great equalizer. Can you have compassion for yourself as a child, an emotional child? Compassion holds and embraces all. There is nothing that compassion cannot touch. Compassion touches all. It is God’s universal touch. Hold compassion with yourself and your process. Your struggle is for the purpose of developing compassion and understanding for yourself and for others. Hold compassion for your fellow human beings. If it has been so hard for you, imagine what it must be like to be another human being undergoing their own struggle? Do they have the same resources and privilege as you do? Have they been trained to work their mind and emotions and to live morally as you have? You have been trained and you still falter greatly. Imagine what it is like for people who have not been trained or do not have the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual resources as you do? It still does not make their immoral actions right but it does open your heart for greater understanding. And perhaps you too can meet them with compassion and understanding rather than with aggression and aversion. Heal the trauma or at least stop its proliferation rather than continue the trauma. Contemplate these things. Contemplate them with your Feeling-Awareness. Contemplate them using your empathy and your Heart. Have a feeling contemplation. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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