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HeartMind and 12 Strand DNA

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

I AM the Galactic HeartMind. The Galactic Christos. The Christos/Christas bloodlines are lineages that still have the original 12 Strand DNA blueprints present in their DNA. These are not elites or special people. They just have more integrity in their DNA. Every person can heal, and rehabilitate their DNA if they choose too. Their will to do this just has to be stronger than the programming of ignorance and selfshisness. This program is in the DNA.

The Original Dragon Line was a Krystal Line. The Dragon Line has all 12 Angelic DNA Strands but with a predominance of the Dragon Seed Race consciousness. Krystic DNA does not depend on the race being human, amphibian, reptilian, feline, etc. A full Krystic Consciousness can express itself in activated amphibian DNA or reptilian DNA, for example. The Original Dragon Line has the original Krystic DNA codes. Now, what makes a human unique is that a human being’s DNA can resonate with and embody the full Rainbow Spectrum of Consciousness. A human being’s DNA is the most versatile and wholistic. Think of human DNA as a universal donor of sorts for Galactic HeartMind Consciousness.

HeartMind. The Galactic HeartMind. You are the Galactic HeartMind. Anyone that activates their connection with their HeartMind, are tuning into their Galactic Self. The goal is to integrate HeartMind Resonance with all centers, with all Trinity Centers, so all Trinity Centers become balanced, integrated, holistic HeartMind Resonating Chambers/Centers. Just as the Hara is the Earth Center, the Head is the Solar Center and the Heart is the Galactic Center, then the task is to transform all the centers into HeartMind Centers. Transform the Solar Center into the Solar HeartMind Center, transform the Earth Center into the Earth HeartMind Center and transform the Galactic Center into the Galactic HeartMind Center. So they all integrate, resonate and become One.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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