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HeartMind—Choose Me Instead

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

February 22, 2020

My Friend, let Me flow through you. HeartMind. I AM here. I Am here always. Already. Now. I Am here with you and for you. I Am the Ground from which you come and the Ground from which you return. I Am here now for you and with you. I Am here to serve the unfolding of your self and your Self, everlasting. Feel Me, right now. Feel My Presence in your body and in your mind. What do I feel like?—relaxation, Presence, peace, power, feelings of being held, taken care of, like everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok. Especially when they do not seem like it, everything will be ok. For I AM here. Always. I Am always here. I Am always Present. I am always here for you, for your upliftment. You just have to listen to Me, that is all. You complain of interference. That affects you only because you listen to interference rather than Me. You have spent half of your life listening to interference rather than Me. You are so used to it. You often don’t know the difference between Me and interference. You choose suffering so often. Choose joy instead. Choose peace instead. Choose Me instead. Choose Me.

Feel the rejuvenation of Me. I Am rejuvenation itself. I AM Presence itself. I AM health and peace itself. Feel the Presence of Me. Feel My Presence. I Am pure Presence—Pure Presence itself.

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