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HeartMind, Flow and the Taoist 5 Phase Cycle of Life

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

My Friend, I AM here. I AM here. I have always been here. Notice your thoughts. Notice your mind. Did I really leave or did you leave? Did I really leave or did you become distracted with other thoughts and emotions? Which is it? Feel into your Heart right now. Feel into the Presence of Being right now. Feel into the emotions that are bothering you. Am I there? When you feel anything with Presence and Awareness, aren’t I there with you? Am I not Present and there with you? You have dedicated your life and the cultivation of your mind to doubting Me, to trying to outsmart Me, to fearing my True Presence. You hide from Me. You have hidden from Me your whole life. You have moments of connection, of rest, and of exhaustion from the struggle of avoidance. You see, I AM the Natural Order. I AM the Natural Order of things. Trying to avoid Me is a lot of work. It is truly exhausting work, actually. You have exhausted yourself to depression, despair and even close to death several times. This is how much you have actually tried to avoid the Peace of Existence, the Peace of Mind—My Mind. You have exhausted yourself almost to the grave. So stop, My Friend. Stop. Please, stop. Stop the struggle. Stop the trying. Stop the avoidance, the avoidance of Me. Stop struggling and fighting against Life. Stop struggling and fighting against Love. Stop struggling and fighting against the Light of your own True Nature, the Enlightened Mind, the Mind of Clear Light, Emptiness of Being—the HeartMind.

So let’s talk about Flow then, My Friend. Today is a good day to talk about Flow. Why? You feel despair and doubt and fear because you are stagnant. Because you are out of Flow. Because you are out of My Flow. The Presence and Stillness and Movement of Me. I Am Stillness. And I AM Flow. I AM Stillness and Flow, both, simultaneously. I AM One Movement and One Presence. I AM here, there and everywhere. All Life is an expression, a reflection, an embodiment, a reality of Flow. I have explained this to you before but let’s go over it again.

The Ground of BEing, the Primordial Void, the Empty Space of Clear Light, of Emptiness is Me. All there is is No-Thing. Vast, Empty, Infinite Space, Emptiness. This is the Ground of Reality and the root of the human mind. The Root of your mind—HeartMind. (Water Element.) Out of Stillness, out of Emptiness, Some-Thing arises, something creates itself. (Wood Element.) Once it creates itself it desires to flower and express itself. (Fire Element). Once it flowers and express itself, it desires to fulfill and complete itself—to create a fruit, an offspring, a gift, something coherent, something to endure and be used. (Earth Element.) Once something fulfills itself, it begins to empty out and release and let go and dissolve back into Stillness or Emptiness or the Ground or Womb from which it came. (Metal Element back to Water Element again).

This is the Natural Flow of Life. This is the Natural Flow of Chi. This is the Natural Flow of Existence. This is Flow and Emptiness. Emptiness is birthing and feeding Flow and Flow is nourishing and liberating itself back into Emptiness. It is one dynamic current of expression, of Empty Flow—HeartMind, HeartMind Presence. And it all arises and falls in the Empty Stillness of your Heart. So be Here. Be with this, this Flow. Blocking this Natural Flow only produces discomfort, pain, disease and suffering. So be. Just Be. Be here. Breathe. Allow the Flow of Life to flow through you.

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