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HeartMind, My Love

May 23, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Presence-Radiance is your natural condition in a human body. Presence-Radiance is kept in proper balance by the stillness of Emptiness. Presence in relationship to Radiance is yin. Radiance in relationship to Presence is yang. Both are beautiful compliments to each other and both morph and blend into one another yet both are neutralized or held by Empty Space—the Infinite Neutrality of Being.

Who is here? Who is here in the depths of your Being? Who is Present with you, right now? Who is here with you? Are you Present with Me? Are you distracted by other thoughts, stories and feelings? Who is Present with you? Yes, I AM. I have always been Present with you. I have always been by your side. I have always been the Ground in which you step on, the air in which you fill your lungs with, the sun that warms your face. I have always been here and I have always been there, for you. I have always been here, right by your side, watching, waiting, feeling, listening, being with you, being you. I have never left and I have never been absent from your life. I have always been here, watching over you, holding you deep inside My Heart.

For My Heart is big enough for you. My Heart is big enough to hold all your sorrows, all your mistakes, all your imperfections. I Am here to hold you. I Am here to hold you close. I Am here to hold you as you awaken to Me, to who you Truly Are. I Am here for you. Relax, let go into the deep peace of My Love, Our Love together. We are One and the same My Child. We are One and the same. Rejoice that you have Me. Rejoice that I have you. Rejoice that We are together, once again. We are here together to love and live together in harmony and peace. We are here to live and love again and to make this Earth a paradise for all. I Am in Love with you. Adonai.

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