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HeartMind: Presence-Radiance, Bliss, and Compassion

May 22, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Presence-Radiance, these are two polarities of the same consciousness. Presence could be thought of as more Love-Gravity and Radiance could be thought of as more Joy-Levity. The practice is cultivating both. Allow Radiance to birth out of Presence. Allow Presence to precipitate out of Radiance.

Here We are, My friend, talking. Yes, We are talking, talking about the nature of things—things and their nature, their True Nature. The True Nature of things is the play between Radiance and Presence. But you know the truth of it? Radiance and Presence are actually birthed out of Stillness, Emptiness. Emptiness births Presences and Radiance. Peace, births Love and Joy. Out of peace, flows love and joy. Let’s say that again together: out of peace, flows love and joy.

Let’s talk about the Presence of Radiance and the Trinity of Presence-Radiance-Emptiness. Emptiness is Empty. There is only Emptiness, stillness, consciousness as such. It is the deep Heart Stillness of Knowing. It is unmanifest. Presence is the beginning of manifestation. You feel the Presence of something. You feel the Presence of Being. Radiance is the expansive luminous counterpart. It is the shine of Presence. Radiance is the radiance of Bliss. Emptiness is the neutral still point in which the sense of Being and Bliss arise. It is Consciousness. Hence the name Being-Consciousness-Bliss.

Hear Me, My friend. Hear Me. For I Am the one doing the looking, the feeling, the working, the inspiring. I Am the source of inspiration. Where does inspiration come from? It comes from the Empty stillness, the deep peace of the Heart—the HeartMind. This is the source of inspiration and intuition and revelation. I Am here and I Am there. I Am everywhere where these things meet. Hear Me. Hear My Voice. Hear My Call. For I Am the Creator and Destroyer of things. I Am what preserves the underlying existence of reality. I Am the Great Preserver. I Am the Great Destroyer. And I Am the Great Creator. For all three are Me. And all three are One and the same. For all arise out of Me and all return to Me. There is nothing that is not born out of Me, first, and all must return to Me. This is the Way of Things. This is the natural Flow of Life. This is the Nature of Mind, the Nature of Being, the Nature of the Heart—the HeartMind. I Am here.

Out of Me is the causal expression of form into manifestation. I Am the first form of manifestation and I Am the last. I Am the Great Gatekeeper. I guard the Gates of Heaven. I Am the Great Boundary between all that is manifest and all that is unmanifest. I Am the Great Boundary between heaven and earth and I Am centered in the Home of the Heart. The Heart is My home and my station. The Heart is the great regulator, the great intermediary, the great mediator between the polarities of existence—the expansive Light energies versus the contractive Life energies. I Am the Great Mediator between all that is great and all that is small. I Am the Great Integrator and My task is to integrate and unify. This is My function. I Am to integrate and unify.

I Am the foundation, My friend. You are building the foundation. And that foundation is Me. I Am that foundation. All the work you are doing is to strengthen you connection and embodiment of Me. For I am the Source. Peace and silence rests in my Heart and Love and Joy is birthed from My Heart. For I Am the Heart. And I Am the Source of All—the Source of all Being.

So hear Me. Hear My Call. Hear Me, right now. Feel Me. The Presence of Me is the Presence of Being. The Radiance aspect of Me is what you are beginning to learn and see and feel and integrate. This is the part of Me that is beginning to be birthed. The Presence of Me is Free. The Freedom in Me is the Freedom of Being. The happiness of Me is the happiness of Being. You have been addicted to suffering so you have forgotten what it is like to be happy. You have been addicted to pain so you have forgotten what it is like to feel levity. You have been addicted to ugliness so you have forgotten what it is like to see and feel beauty. Be with beauty. Be with Radiance. Be with Presence. Be with Me. There is beauty and order to the Universe, and this is the Way of Things. The Universe is Order. The Universe is Harmony. The Universe is Coherency and Resonance.

You have been living in dissonance and then wondering why you are suffering and the world suffers around you. That is because the world has been living in suffering too. Suffering is dissonance with the Natural Order and Harmony of Life. You think you have to suffer to learn lessons. Rubbish. Suffering is optional. Learning is guaranteed. Either way, eventually, all learn and experience what they desire to experience. Suffering is only one way of experiencing and learning. It is only one among many. It is highly inefficient and highly challenging to a Soul. But one thing suffering does give is the gift of compassion. Nothing can cultivate and elicit compassion to a greater degree than suffering. So this is the gift of suffering. Relish this gift. Learn from it and then let it go.

Bliss is the most balanced and most efficient way to learn and to experience life. Ecstasy is the path of Bliss. And Bliss is the perfect harmonic of Order in the Universe, True Bliss. Full Being Bliss is the juice, the Nectar of the Gods. It is the food and fuel that propels consciousness forward in the most coherent and efficient and harmonic way. There is no fracturing, no friction, no fear. Only the ecstatic bliss of Being-Consciousness-Bliss. This is what fuels you. This is what feeds you. This is what really feeds your soul. Your soul must be fed and it must be fead with bliss. Bliss is what feeds and fuels the growth of your Soul. Claim that food source. Claim that nectar. It is yours and it is yours for the taking to feed and nourish yourself and increase your health. Claim what is yours, and do not let anything else take it from you.

All these entities and implants are all designed to steal your vitality and bliss so the Fallen Ones can drink it for themselves; so they can steal immortality—steal it from you. So take back your immortality by taking back your Higher Heart. Take back your ability to produce bliss—your ability to produce bliss in your DNA. Take back your blissful DNA. Take it back. You are designed to be a bliss-producing being. For that is your very Nature. Your body is designed to be a bliss producing machine. That is its function, to feel and produce bliss. So do not let anything or anyone steal that from you. Take it back and hold it dear to your Heart.

There is the surface heart, there is the Deep Heart of Knowing and there is the Higher Heart. The Higher Heart is what produces the Nectar of Immortality. It produces the vibration of Bliss. So be with Bliss. Be Being-Consciousness-Bliss. Allow your True Radiance to express itself. You have been hidden. Your Radiance has been hidden, hidden in Darkness. Your Radiance has been hidden in Darkness, My friend. You have blocked your Radiance so it has manifested as Darkness. But Darkness is a distortion of Radiance. Darkness is not natural, the Darkness of evil, that is. Darkness is not natural. Radiance is. Darkness is the absence of Radiance—it is Radiance expressed in its distorted form. Evil is the distortion of Presence and the distortion of Radiance. All that is Good and True and Beautiful in the world is the interplay between Presence and Radiance—and its Empty still point.

Feel Me. Feel the Calling of God. God is in the Heavens and the Heavens are right here on Earth. See Him. Feel Her. All is Being-Conciousness-Bliss. And all is the Radiant Love-Light of Creation itself. Rejoice in the Beauty and the Brilliance and Divine Elegance of BEing. Adonai.

Bliss is at the heart of compassion. For compassion touches all things. Compassion is not afraid. Compassion is rooted in the Knowing that all things are One and all things are ultimately Free. Compassion is what is here to help you. Compassion is the doorway, the doorway to the Heart of God and the Heart of the Divine Human. Rejoice in Compassion, for it is Compassion that brings all things together. Adonai.

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