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HeartMind, The Collective Wound of Evil Will Be Revealed, Hard Truths (Day 6)

January 18, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Hello, My friend. Who is here right now? Who is Present? Who is operating in your mind? Who are you listening to? Do you realize Who I Am? Can you make the distinction between My Voice and the voice of another? Are you able to distinguish between the Voice of Truth and that of illusion? Are you able to know who is Present and who is not?

You must always be aware, My friend, of who is present and who is not. Your mind is very open. You are very open to many forces. And these forces influence you. They influence your mind and your heart. They influence your body and they alter your perception. They influence you to cause harm to yourself and to those around you. You must be aware of these forces. You must be aware of who is speaking in your mind and who is not. You must distinguish between My Voice and the voices from other sources. There are many who try to mimic Me or try to usurp Me. I cannot be mimicked nor can I be usurped. But many forces will try nonetheless. Their pursuit is trivial yet it has a great impact on your mind and your life. You have struggled with these forces for your whole life. You have allowed them to poison your soul and pollute your mind and ravage your heart. You have fallen deep into despair and darkness because of these forces. These forces are working on you right now. They are conniving, strategizing, predating, waiting to make their move on you. I do not say this to scare you. I say this for you to be aware of who is present and what is present within your field of awareness. These forces are insignificant to Me, yet they have great influence over your mind because your connection with Me is weak. They have tried to sever this connection, many, many times. Many times they have succeeded, only for this connection to be healed once again.

Now is the time to strengthen your connection with Me. Now is the time to strengthen your resilience and your resolve with Me. Now is the time to become strong with My Presence. For My Presence is stronger than any force. My Presence is stronger than any darkness or evil. My Presence is stronger than any fear. Yet, you entertain your fears. You are distracted by your fears and you are weakened by your fears. This is why, during these 10 days, you must deepen with Me and you must banish your fears. For after these 10 days, humanity’s fears will be unleashed and purged and there will be great darkness upon the Earth. Do not despair however, for this will only be temporary. This will be a passing phase before the Light will begin to be seen.

What has been hidden must be revealed. This will happen and nothing can be done to stop it. It has been delayed but that delay is no longer. The bubble is about to burst and the flood gates are about to open. Are you prepared? Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for the flood gates to be opened. For they are immanent.

There will be massive shock and fear that will be escaping out of the planetary sphere. The revelations and the events that are about to unfold will shake every man, woman and child to their core. Do you understand this, My friend? Do you understand this? Are you prepared for what is coming? For what is immanent?

There will be ruptures in the planetary grid. The gridlines will go haywire for periods of time as the surge of trauma and fear and suffering is released from the planetary body and humanity’s psyche. All that has been buried will be released and revealed. All that has been hidden will be revealed. All. Do you understand? There will be no stone that is unturned. All Darkness will be illuminated. The root of evil will be ripped out. The tap root of evil will be ripped out of the planet’s body and the human psyche. Everyone will feel it and everyone will experience it, in their own way. Some will experience a great release and freedom and excitement. Others will experience horror and confusion. Others will experience great rage and will be moved to violence. There is a great wound within humanity and this planet, and this wound has been festering with a great infection that has been hidden. This wound has been building pressure and this wound needs to release its infection. It has been building up with puss and disease and it has to be cleansed before it can heal. Now, it is about to burst. It is immanent, My friend. It is immanent. The puss must be drained. The infection must be eradicated. The filth must be cleaned up. Now is that time. The time is imminent.

Even you, who has dug deep into this planetary wound and have seen it and felt it, will be shocked at the depth and scope of corruption and evil that has rooted itself into this planet. Everyone will be shocked. That is why you must prepare yourself. That is why you must be prepared with the Power of Stillness. That is why you must be prepared with the Power of Compassion. That is why you must be prepared with the Power of Understanding and Wisdom. For when this occurs, many will be so shocked that they will not know what to do. And you will provide guidance to them. This is why you must be strong. This is why you must be wise. This is why you must be compassionate and understanding—to yourself and others. This is why you must prepare. You are preparing now and you must prepare more.

Stay grounded within yourSelf. Stay connected with yourSelf. Be with your Self. Your Self is the strongest and most powerful force there is. And that forces is Love. You do not really understand what Love is. In time you will. Love is absolute peace and knowing and giving. It is what runs the universe and keeps all Life together, working harmoniously together. It is Love that will be restored to this Earth. For Earth has forgotten what Love is. The day is here, now, for Love to return to the Earth. The day is here, now, for fear to be wiped away from every heart. The day is here, now, for justice to be restored to the planet. This is that time. This is the time you have been waiting for. This is the time you have prepared. Now is that time. Everything you have learned will be used for this time. This is why you must maintain and build you connection with Me. As you do you will know what to do and where to go and what to say and how to think and how to react to what is occurring. This is why you must build your connection with Me, right now. For it is right now that is the most important time. Build and maintain your connection. For it is here, now. Be Present and be brave for it is God’s work that you are doing. Adonai.

For these 10 days, you must not make any significant decisions or have any significant distractions. You must maintain your composure and your resolve to deepen and maintain Stillness. For you are helping ground the Stillness at the center of this storm. You are helping ground this Stillness to help stabilize the timelines and to help stabilize the planetary grid. The Dark Timeline will be ripped out very, very soon. As it does, there will be massive debris blowing through time-space that will manifest as infrastructure issues and human behavior abnormalities. It will take some time for the dust to settle before humanity can begin to get back on their feet.

We are saying all this, not to scare you, but to prepare you with knowledge before hand so you can be prepared. So you know what is happening because there will be times when you will not know and you must work on remembering what We have told you. Do you understand?

Your personal issues will be amplified and that is why it is important for you to practice and maintain your Inner Stillness. This will be your lifeboat. Your lifeboat is Stillness. Always remember that. Your lifeboat is Stillness.

Do not fall into blame. Do not fall into despair. It will be very tempting to do that. But do not fall into those traps. You will only weaken yourself and others if you do that. Maintain your focus on Stillness. Within Stillness, all things can be known. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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