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Hold Your Emotions As You Would Your Child

June 16, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

HeartMind. Hold your emotions. This is all. Hold you emotions and guide them like you would a child. Because that is what the dynamic really is. What would you do if your child was throwing a tantrum or was upset? Would you shun him or her or lock them up? No. You would hold him or her in compassionate love and understanding that that is what he or she is feeling. You would hold him or her and offer simple guidance to slowly move out of that emotional state and learn what need is not being met and then fill that need. This is what you have to do with you emotions.

Hold your emotions and then slowly guide them to a safer and calmer shore. Emotions can be like a turbulent sea. Hold the ship together and steer it to a calmer place, or just hold the ship together until the turbulence of the storm passes. It is very simple, yet requires great dedication and practice to master. Because emotions are powerful forces and it takes practice and patience to change habits that have been learned and programed your whole life. So be patient with yourself. When you falter, forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up again and regain your composer and practice. This is the way of true spiritual maturity. This is the way of the Master. There are no shortcuts. Sure, there are more efficient and balanced ways to walk the spiritual path, but there are no shortcuts and it takes time, patience and effort to reach the destination. So be patient with yourself and hold fast to what you know as True. And laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. This is the only way that you can bring some lightness to the issue. Have compassion and humor with yourself. It will lighten your load tremendously and you will even begin to have fun doing it. Adonai, My Brother, for We are One.

Feeling-Awareness. Body-Breath awareness. Your breath is your greatest tool. It is your greatest tool for many things. But especially it is your greatest emotional tool. Feel your emotions. Do not deny them. Feel them. And hold them. Hold them with compassion and understanding as you would an upset child. Focus your mind on holding your emotions. Breathe through them. Hold them with your breath. Make space for them. Guide them with your breath. Relax your fear and resistance around them. Hold them. Meet them with full compassionate awareness. As you relax your resistance to them, they will naturally flow with ease and begin to express themselves in their rightful way. They will find their rightful place. Hold them. Guide them with your breath and with your mind. Focus on accepting them and breathing through them. This too shall pass. Nothing is permeant. All is transient. All is impermanent. Hold them fearlessly and paradoxically you will be free of them. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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