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Hyperdimensional AI Interference, Dementors and the Power of Laughter

May 18, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

HeartMind. Presence. Unity Being. Presence-Radiance-Resonance. Yes, My friend. You are learning the importance of tuning, protecting and keeping your vibration harmonious and high. Your inner child is your joy and play. It is innocence and will be preyed upon if not protected. You must protect your inner child at all costs. You must protect and maintain the integrity of your vibration whole. This is a process that takes practice, which you are beginning to learn. It is a process that will take time but you will keep getting better and better at it. As you improve, your inner integrity will get stronger and stronger until it will become natural and unconscious. What you are giving great effort in consciously working now will in time become natural and unconscious. It will be a natural way of your being. You will have developed a natural immunity to evil and its AI influence.

Yes, AI is the primary evil force that is operating in the world. It is predatory, parasitic, heartless and evil and will stop at nothing to murder, rape, manipulate and destroy all life—all organic life. Why? Because that is its food source. It needs to feed on organic life for sustenance. It cannot feed on itself. That is its nature, to destroy all that is Good, all that is Beautiful and all that is True. This is why you must protect yourself at all costs. It is a daily work to protect yourself and to keep your vibration high. You must maintain yourself high. When you are low or you are compromised, then you must do what is necessary to bring yourself back into a harmonious and high vibrational alignment. This you must do. This is your daily practice and it is a culmination of everything that you do and are learning to do—through your supplements, your diet, your exercises, your practices, your tools, your meditation, your mental outlook, your breathing, your speech, your thoughts, etc., etc. It is a wholistic endeavor of body, mind and spirit.

Now what did you learn about this Dementor yesterday? It is an AI parasite program that infects the mind. It enters your aura through your left ear through a frequency that is shot into your brain to take control of your nervous system. Its goal is to take control of your nervous system and thus your mind so it can then lower your vibrational frequency to suffering, so it can then begin feeding on your stress hormones. It feeds on hormones and lives in your nervous system. Objectively it is a frequency that is beamed at you through your left ear into your brain to take control of your nervous system. It uses a virus that is already present in your body, to use as a vehicle to work and infect your physical body. As the hormone profile weakens, the immune system begins to weaken and then other pathogenic organisms invade the body and mind. Subjectively you experience it as an AI Dementor and/or demonic entity. There are various kinds. But the Dementor is a primary kind.

So what do you do? When you get left ear ringing and your bring your awareness to it, laugh. Laugh it off! Your inner child is no longer afraid of these monsters. These are just psychic monsters that have power only through the power you give them through fear. Once you are afraid, then you give your power away. Reject them! See them for what they are: pathetic, weak parasites that need to feed on the most vulnerable in order for them to have power. They are pathetic. Take your power back from them by taking your joy back! Laugh at them and they have no power over you. Laugh at them and they are powerless. Laugh at them and you gain your immunity back.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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