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Love is the True Middle Path, Interference is a Manifestation of Fear

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

My friend, I AM here. I AMness. What is I AMness? Feel into it. It’s a sense “I”, yes? It’s a sense of “I exist”. There is a sense of individuated Presence. This is all true. But what is it really?

Love. Feel into Love. You have been deepening into Emptiness, deep peace, Stillness, Vastness. But what about Fullness? What about feeling full, My friend? Emptiness brings peace. Fullness brings joy. You are filled up. Filled up to the brim, Love, My friend. There is only Love. If a choice does not generate Love, don’t choose it. Love feels better. Love is better. Love expands. You have been dominated by fear. You have been dominated by fear, lack and confusion. The still point of Emptiness has been your only safe place.

Love, there is only Love. Feel love. Bask in love. Love is your true nature. Love is what is natural. Love is what is Real. Love is what we are made of and where we are going. Love is all there is and all there ever will be. Love is by far the best and only stuff there is. Feel the feeling of love and rejoice in its equality. Love is the middle path. Mutual harmonic love. Mutual harmonic love.

Feel into My Voice. Feel into it. Love, feel into Love, My friend. Love is not fully understood by the mind. It is a feeling, an intuition. Fullness of Life. Fullness. Abundance. Abundance of energy. You have little experience with this side of Reality. Feel into Fullness. Fullness is Love. Fullness is Empty. Fullness is full. Excitement, Joy, are all expressions of Fullness. Fullness. Explore, feel, integrate Fullness. Fullness.

Love. Love is the true Middle Path. Interference is a manifestation of your fear. What We mean is, fear of Form, fear of objects creates a gateway for interference to penetrate your mind. Because it creates a hole, a lack, an opening for the manifestation of your fear—fear of objects enslaving you. If you see the Truth, the Truth that all objects are manifestations of Love, of Divine Love and see them as they are, then you are seeing more of the Truth of reality.

So choose Love. Always choose Love. Love is all there is. When you are afraid of something, it means you have created an other that is not embraced with luminous clarity. Presence. There is only the Presence of Love. Until you see that and feel that and act from that place, you will continue to experience the suffering and confusion of evil and ignorance. Ignorance is IGNORING the the Truth of Realty, of Love. So feel that Love. Feel that Love, that Presence. Feel the Presence of Love. Feel that Presence. Feel that Presence beyond the confines and limitations and confusions and broken perceptions of your mind. Feel that Love-Presence. Because Love heals. Love heals all. Love is the glue that binds all together. Love is the essence of all things. Love is the ocean in which everything is floating. Love is the Flow of all things. Flow with that Flow, with Me. For I AM HeartMind and I AM Love. We Are Love.

Love. Love speaks. Love is the force and power of all things. For it is Love that speaks. Love that heals. Love that listens. Love that grows. Love that knows. Love that is and is all things, created and uncreated. And All Is That.

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