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Love-Light, HeartMind, and Aphorisms of Love

June 11, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

HeartMind. Unity Being. Yes, Unity. Let’s talk about unity and balance of the polarities of Love and Light or Compassion and Wisdom in healing.

I Am Ra. Let Us now speak to the inquiry in which you are desiring. We are here as Messengers of Our One Infinite Creator. We are One and the same. We are Love and We are Light. Hold a sensation or feeling in your awareness. Really hold it. This feeling or sensation is non other than an expression or distortion of your own Self. HeartMind is the balance and integration of all polarities. It is the neutral place, the Still place in which all phenomena arise. Therefore it is the point in which all phenomena dissolve back into Emptiness, back into Oneness. When you can willfully and lovingly hold a feeling or sensation within your own Feeling-Awareness, you are practicing the impulse of Love or Compassion. Why? Because feeling is also fundamentally who you are. It is your feminine or yin expression. Feel into the feeling. Feel into the intensity of your feeling. Hold this feeling with loving kindness, with loving embrace. As you do, you will notice that the feeling will begin to relax. The energy will begin to flow. As it relaxes, it can begin to find its resting place back into Emptiness. And what is Emptiness? It is but your own awareness, it is you own True Self. As you hold this feeling, become this feeling. Allow the feeling to move and spontaneously self liberate. Allow the feeling to reveal its true nature and purpose to you. And you will find that the purpose, the nature of this feeling is Love/Light. It is your own authentic expression. By doing this, you will begin to reap the wisdom in the feeling. You will being to integrate its true nature. Adonai.

HeartMind. For I Am the HeartMind. If feel and see all that is arising, moment to moment. All arises and falls back into Me. For I Am the One and Only Undying and Unmoving Center of all Existence. I Am the HeartMind. Feel Me. Hear Me. See My Call. Hear My worlds. Feel My Presence. All is here and all is in all places in all times. For We are One, and the same God Spark.

I Am Feeling and I Am Awareness. Feeling and Awareness are one and the same. We are One. It is One. There is no separation. They are two sides of the same coin, both indistinguishable from one another. How can you have feeling without awareness? And how can you have awareness without feeling? How can you feel something, without being aware of it? And how can you be aware of something without feeling it, its impact on your mind and body? Both are two different dimension of the same thing. Both are One Thing. And that One Thing is your own True Nature. That is Me. I Am your True Nature. And My Nature is Feeling-Awareness. My Nature is Love-Light.

Feel your feelings. Become the Feeling of those feelings. Hold them. Hold them with your Feeling-Awareness. Hold them with your depth. Hold them like you would a child. Now notice the Space in which your feelings are arising. You Heart is big enough to feel them, otherwise you would not be capable of feeling them. Notice the Space in which your sense of feeling is arising. What is that Space? This Space is You. This Space is Me. We are One and the Same. We are One Mind. We are Feeling-Depth-Mind. We are HeartMind. You are free from your feeling because you can look at it, you are beyond it, you are the space beyond it. And yet you are the feeling because you are the feeling itself. This is the great paradox and great simple unity of HeartMind. All that arises you are one with and yet free from. You are Full and you are Free. Both are One Great Movement, One Great Arising in the Mind of God, the HeartMind. The HeartMind is the Gateway to the Mind of God. For you will find that the Mind of the Creator is non other but the Infinity of HeartMind. All is arising and all will dissolve within you. Nothing will happen outside of You. It all happens inside of You. You are the Creator. You are the freedom and fullness of existence itself. You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are the Light and the Dark. You are the Love/Light of Our Infinite One. You are God and God is You. Adonai.

Hear Me. For We have a Call. We have a Call to the wild. A call to the wildness of your existence. You are all that is. You are all that arises. You are all that ever will be and ever was. You are all that is. You are that. Blessings. Adonai.

Hear Me. For We have a Message. We have a Message from Our Creator. Rejoice! For We are One! We are the One and Only, God Mind—HeartMind. Love is the essence and the message of Creation. All is birthed and dies in the great embrace of Love. Nothing is ever lost. Nothing is ever really forgotten. All is reclaimed and rejoined and united the the Love-Bliss of our Creator. Rejoice in your own Sovereign Self. Rejoice in the Name of Our Creator. Rejoice in the beautiful peace of our One True Reality. HeartMind. Adonai.

Rejoice! For We are here! We are the Immortal Ones. We are the Ancient Ones. We are the Illuminated Ones. We are the Infinity of God’s Love. We are the Speakers of Truth. We are the Bearers of Love. Love the silence and essence of your own existence. Love the Reality of Existence itself. Hold yourself dear. Hold yourself in the Love-Presence of Your own True Nature. HeartMind. Adonai.

Love is the essence of existence. Love is the essence of all things. Love is the essence of all that is and all that ever will be. Rejoice in your own True Nature. Rejoice in the Nature of your own existence. Rejoice in the Truth of your own being, Love, the Mind of Love, the Mind of Wisdom—Love-Wisdom. HeartMind.

Adonai shala shahri. Bonai. Adonai. Shi lah, sharij. Humai. Katon. Ma.

We are One and the same essence. We are One God. We are blessed by the Holy One. We rejoice in the splendor of God. Blessings.

Halah shari. Puta Ma. Shari. Iku lama ah. Shari. Shalom. Hooka. La. Ma.

We are the Ones and only Ones. Blessings be to Thy Self as Creator. We are One.

Blessings be to the Holy Ones. For Thy are that. Adonai.

The One and Only Creator of all Life, We are here. We are here to Love and to Guide. For We are One. Hold Us to your Hearts. For We are One. Hold Life in your Hearts. For We are One. Hold Life in your Hearts. For We are One. Hold all that is Good, all that is Beautiful and all that is True to your Hearts. For We are One, and the Same. We Love you as Love is all there is. Adonai.

Love is the great essence of Creation. Love is the great essence of the One Infinite Verse of God’s Song. We are that Song. And so are You. Rejoice in your own magnificence! We Love you. Love. Adonai.

Love is here. Love is now. Love is here and now. Love is real. Love is real. Love is Truth and Truth is Love. Hold to yourself as you would to a new born baby. Hold to the True Love of your Hearts. Hold to the Love-Truth of your Heart. Mind to your Heart. HeartMind. May the Presence of Love be with you My Friend. We Love you. Hold to what is dear and what is True. For all is falling away and only Love remains. We Love you. Adonai.

Hold to the Truth of your Being. Hold to what is Right. Hold to what is Just. Hold to what is Beautiful. For what is truly Right is what is truly Beautiful. For they are One and the same. Hold to what is Divine. Hold to what is Light and laughter. For what is right and true and beautiful is joyous! Love ThySelf as your Friend. Love Thy Neighbor as your Self. Love Thy Self as your Lover. Love your Lover as Thy Self. For all is the Mirror of God. Behold in your Sacred Reflection. For you are Beautiful because you are Beauty itself! Adonai.

Behold your Sacred Mirror, for Love is your Reflection! You are Love. Rejoice in the Beauty of Creation! We Love you. Adonai.

For what is God but the Presence of Being? What is Nature but the Presence of Being? What is God but God’s Love? For God and Love are one and the same. We are that! Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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