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Maintain Your Connection and Composure

January 14, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. When you fall into being a victim, you lose touch with Me and all those who are here to guide you. You must work at maintaining your vibration. You must work at keeping your consciousness high and clear. When you fall into confusion and despair, you isolate yourself and it becomes difficult to help you. This is why you must maintain your composure and your will. You must discipline your mind and your emotions. You must learn to hold your emotions. Once they are held, then you guide them. Hold and guide is the motto with your emotions.

Maintain your composure and maintain your inner strength and connection to your Inner Truth. Your surface desires, beliefs and emotions cloud your deeper unity and harmony. Maintain your composure and maintain your sanity. Maintain your composure so you can maintain your clarity about your future, your present and the subjects at hand in your life. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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