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Meaning, Angelic Intervention vs. Demonic Interference

Monday, February 3, 2020

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Relax, My friend. I AM here. I AM here always. I AM always right here and now. Always. Let’s see, what healing, contemplation, guidance do you need now? Let’s see, fear. Yes, fear. There is always the presence of fear. It is always rearing its ugly face at you. But is it really ugly? Is fear really ugly? Fear is the lack of Presence of Knowledge. When you are in Knowledge, you are seeing and feeling clearly through the eyes and heart of God. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. So let’s look at demons. You have a very strong relationship with demons. They torture you and you torture them back. Is there any end in sight? What if you changed your relationship? Part of you has a demonic relationship with God. When you see and feel and fear demons, and are being emotionally and mentally tortured by them, then you are not seeing things clearly. Living in Right Relationship is seeing and feeling all life as the Presence of God. See demons as messengers of God. Who are the Messengers of God? What you call angels are the Messengers of God. See demons as angels. Transform their energy, through your perception, into their divine nature—angelic. What if demons were actually angels that were sent to help you? What if they have been that all along? What if you have been trapped in wrong relationship and wrong view and have allowed yourself to be tortured, needlessly—needlessly. You are not meant to suffer. You are meant to thrive in happiness and health. This is your purpose in life. To thrive in happiness and health. So do that. Thrive in happiness and health. See the Dark as the absence of the Light. And how can you do that? Give the darkness light by changing your perception to only seeing the Light—only seeing the divine unity of Light, Love and Life. That is the Presence of Knowledge.

Remember, all phenomena are inherently neutral. You cannot necessarily control what happens to you or who you meet, but what you can control are your reactions. You are in full power of the meaning you give to your experience. You are in full power of that. Give a positive meaning to your experience. Reframe your experience to an enlightening perspective. And if you do, you will get and enlightening response. You will get an enlightening feeling and thus take an enlightened action—Right View, Right Relationship, Right Action. See things through the perspective of God. See things from the perspective of HeartMind. See things through the perspective of Right View. Then everything else will fall into place.

So, demons are angels that are here to help you. Is it interference or is it Intervention? What if its Intervention? YOU have the power, My friend. You have the power of your mind. You have the power to change your perspective by changing the meaning you give to your experience. Do no let outside forces choose your reaction for you. Do not let your conditioned perspective give a conditioned response. Choose a different response. Choose a different view. Choose a different relationship with your experience. Choose that. Choose Love. Choose a perspective that allows you to see with the eyes of Love—with the eyes of HeartMind. Choose that perspective. Choose it!

What if you have been helped all along? What if the purpose of all this demonic torture has been for you to wake up to the fact that this is happening within your mind and you have the power to change it. You have the power to decide the meaning you give to your experience. You have the power to choose your reality. That is what is meant by “you create your own reality”. You are not literally creating everything, every moment, just you alone in your personal universe. That is solipsism and it is a very arrogant and selfish perspective on life. You are creating the meaning of every moment of your experience. You are creating that, every moment.

So, instead of always inviting or creating the “demonic interference” meaning to your experience, create the Angelic Intervention meaning to your experience instead. Yes, your experiences of interference is real. Yes, it is happening, My friend. Do not be naive and trick yourself to believe that it is not happening or that it is only happening in your mind. It is happening. There are evil forces interfering with you. This is true and it is a reality. Now, since this is true and it is a reality, you have two fundamental choices—Love or fear. React in fear and give your power away to these forces and enter into a fight where you feel disempowered and have to fight them to become empowered. Or the other dichotomy of fear is to just succumb to the influence of fear and fall into complete despair and disempowerment. That is one fundamental choice around fear. The other fundamental choice is around Love. When this demonic interference occurs, which it does, you can not enter into their game and not give your power away to fear. Instead, choose a response that is in resonance to HeartMind and divine empowerment as You as the Creator, rather than them. It is Angelic Intervention, messengers sent from God to help you wake up to your divine power and to help and support you in this process. Instead of demonic interference, it is Angelic Intervention.

This is all the game of fear arising within your own HeartMind. Demonic Interference is part of the game of fear. So choose a different game. Chose Love and choose Right View and Right Relationship. Choose to see this experience as Angelic Intervention and relate with it as such.

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