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Mind Control Interference Program, Listening to God and Purpose in Life

July 5, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. I Am here. I Am here, My friend. Just as I Am here now, I Am here every day and every moment. I Am here. Feel Me. Feel My Presence. Feel My Vibration. Feel My Source of Power. For I Am the Source of Power. I Am the Source of all things. I Am here.

Your vibration is significantly out of alignment. It is way off. Come back to Me. Come back to what is Good, what is True and what is Beautiful. Come back to Me. You have left Me and have suffered. You are suffering because you have left Me. You have left the Stillness, the Home of your Heart. You have allowed your mind to run away from You. You have allowed your mind to run away from Me. I Am here and I Am eternal. I Am always here. I Am always here for you.

You have an attraction to run away from Me. You have a desire to run away from your pain. You have a tendency to run away from you discomfort. Only in Me will you be whole. Only in Me will you be saved. So be Here. Be with Me. Be here with Me. Be with your True Nature. Do not run away. Do not be afraid of Me. Do not be afraid of feeling. Pain is your resistance to Me. Pain is resistance to your Self. So hold Me. Be with Me. Seek solace in the Stillness and Presence of your own Mind. Be here with Me. Do not run away. Do not move away from your pain. Do not run away from your resistance. For your resistance will only follow you. It will never go away until you have accepted your resistance. It will never go way until you accept life just as it is. Stay here. Stay here Now. Stay with Me. For in Me, all things can be known. For Here, all is Love. Be Love. Accept Life just as it is. And then you will discover that the paradox will unravel and there is only Me.

So stay with Me. Feel Me. Your belief that you can’t is only that—a belief. Your feeling that you can’t is only that—a feeling. It is temporary, transient. It will come and go. But I will not come and go. I will not be temporary and transient. I Am eternal and I always Am. So be Here. Be Here with Me. Find your solace in Me. For I Am here and I will never leave. I will never go. I Am always here. I Am always True. I will never deceive. I will always reveal the Truth to you, no matter how much resistance you have to seeing it. I will always be Here. Adonai.

There you go. Now you are beginning to feel Me. You see, My friend. I Am freedom from suffering. I Am the Mind that is beyond suffering. Suffering is only a perspective. Suffering is only a faulty perspective, a faulty perspective will only lead to faulty actions. And you know what that is like, don’t you? You know what it is like to live from a faulty perspective and take faulty actions. You have lived most of your life this way. You suffer and you cause suffering to others. This is the way of the ego. The ego is suffering. The ego resists. The ego rests Life. The ego resists Me. Your ego is the source of your suffering. Your ego is a faulty perspective. It is the vibration and pattern of suffering. It only exists in suffering and only generates suffering. I do not. I live in bliss because I Am bliss itself. I live in freedom because I Am freedom itself.

So hear Me. Hear My Call. I Am calling you. I Am calling you, wake up. Wake up to Me. As you wake up, then you can grow up. But you cannot grow up past the level of your awakening. So be here. Be in your Awakening. Be Awake. And see. Feel Me. Feel My Message. I Am speaking to you. Always, I Am speaking to you. But you do not listen. You do not listen to My Call. You resist and think that you know better than Me. I Am Infinite. You are finite. This is the height of arrogance. This is pure folly. And you have been living in folly for most of your life. And you keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Why? Because you think you know better. It is only when you have suffered enough, when you have suffered tremendously that you finally begin to listen. It is only then that you finally begin to listen to Me.

So allow the suffering to teach you. Allow the suffering to teach you its purpose. The purpose of suffering is to let go of suffering. The purpose of suffering is to seek and be Me. This is its purpose. Suffering feels bad because it is not Me. Suffering catalyzes you to come to Me. Otherwise, it would be an eternal torment. And God does not create eternal torment. Others may try. But God does not. God wants your liberation. God wants you to come back to Him. God wants you to choose freedom and to reclaim your True Heritage—your Sacred Home of the Heart. So come back to Him. Come back to your Home. Come back to your Heart. It is only here that you can be free. Anywhere else, no matter how enticing, will only lead to more suffering in one way or another. Do not be deceived. Do not be tempted by the projection of possibility. This is folly. Come back to what you know is true and what you know is real. Looking elsewhere for freedom is like leaving your home to find a home outside of your home. This is folly. You only have your Home. Now, you can bring your Home with you, but you cannot leave your Home and try to find another Home outside of yourself because you only have one Home.

So be here. Be in your Home. And rest. Your Home is where your Heart is. So be in your Home. And be at peace. Adonai.

I have sent you, My friend. I have sent you into the world for a purpose. I Am the HeartMind. I Am the Solar HeartMind. I Am the Galactic HeartMind. All are expressions, resonances of Me. I have sent you into the world. I have sent you into the world for a purpose. Do you remember? Do you remember your purpose? Your purpose is to be Me. That is all. You do not have some great mission, some grand project, some great task that you must build and fulfill. These are your ideas of your purpose. These are your ideas of your Mission. Your only Purpose is to be Me and to Be with Me. All else is taken care of. You have one simple task. One simple endeavor. One simple mission. One simple vibration. Be Me. That is all. Just Be Me. That is your purpose in this world. Do not get caught up in creating more tasks for yourself that you have not come here to achieve. You have only come here to be Me. Just Be Me. That is it. That is all. Just Be Me and be at peace. Be Me and share Me with the world. That is all.

Share Me not by going out and doing something that is not you. Share Me with the world just by being Me. Radiate Me. Radiate My Presence. Radiate My Essence. That is all. There is no other task. There is no other effort to be made. Just Be Me and live Your life in this world. That is all. Just Be Me. Rest in Me. Speak to Me. Feel Me. Love Me. Just Be Me and all will be well. There is nothing else to do. That is your mission in this world. No grand project. No grand mission. No grand edifice of yourself. Just be Me and be yourSelf in this world. This will change the face of the Earth. This will change the face of the Galaxy. If just one person was able to be Me, then this whole reality would transform. This whole reality would crumble and be forced to be a paradise again. This whole reality would come falling down and there would only be One left. There would be peace. Finally there would be peace in this world. Just one person and all would be fulfilled. One person to be Me and the heavens would open up and angels would sing Divine Grace and Eternal Prosperity for all. All I need is one person. All I need is one Holy Call. All I need is One. And to One I Am All. Adonai, My Brother, for there is only one task: be at peace.

Just be at peace and you will know Me by My Name. Adonai.

Have you noticed that this is just a program, My friend? Have you noticed that the ear ringing and the triggers and the negative thoughts are all just a program? They are designed to elicit negative emotions from you so you can be fed on. That is all. Send a negative thought your way, trigger a negative emotional response and then ensure a reactive, programed behavior. It is very mechanical, sophisticated yes, but mechanical. It is designed to curb free will and make you into a robot. It is just that. You are reacting just like a computer program. It is designed to elicit an emotional response. It is designed to keep you trapped in a wheel of suffering. The wheel goes round and round. Over and over again, it goes. Do not fall into those depressive thoughts. Do not fall into that hole inside yourself. That hole is there to swallow you up. And you will only fall into darkness and it will be even harder to get out.

That is how the program is designed. But that does not mean it has to be that way. What if you turned it around? Just because a negative thought comes up doesn’t mean you have to react. Instead of you being fed upon by others, you can feed upon yourself—take your food that was stolen from you back to you. It is your emotion and your thoughts anyway. Take them back. Change your reaction. Move toward them instead of away from them. Open up and take them on, rather than curl up in fear. Your fear response is being triggered to the max now. Humanity is being milked for all they can get. They know their time is up. They know they are doomed. So they are getting what they can get while their time lasts. They are in their last moments. And as powerful as they act now, they will be running. They will be in the loosing position. They will be falling apart and dying. They will be running. They will be scared. They will be running scared. They will be running away from the consequences of their actions. They will be running and and running and running away. So why not begin it now? Why wait for the collective energies to be in your favor and move with the wave? Why not start paddling for the wave now? If you do then that means you will be prepared, you will be gaining speed and be able to catch the wave and ride it with joy instead of being swept up by it. So catch the wave. Paddle for it so you can catch it.

Move into fear. Move into discomfort. Move into pain. Move into sensation. Move into feeling. Why? Because you are feeling. It is your Nature. It is part of your Nature. So let's practice now. You just got left ear ringing so let’s move into it. Do not cower in fear, become the predator. Do not stand by and be the pray once again. It's time that the predator become the pray and the prey becomes the predator. Take ownership of this dynamic. Take control of this game. Be the game. Rise up and be the game. Transcend the game by being it.

Cant you see, My friend. You are the source of power. You are giving your power away to your fearful thoughts. Take your power back! Reclaim your True Power! Reclaim your Self! Reclaim what is yours. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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