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Organic Movement with Presence

May 11, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Movement. Movement, My friend. This is very important. Sasm, which means movement or flow, Ido Movement, or Primal Movement or Primal Flow are all different tittles for essentially the same thing. It is about moving the body in a natural, primal and organic way with Presence. When you move your body in this way, it helps grow, detox and maintain the heath of your nervous system and your entire body. Your organs have a chance to detox, as well as your lymphatic system and cerebrospinal system. This opens up stuck or blocked areas for fresh blood flow and fresh life force energy to nourish those blocked and deadened and stiff areas. It encourages further integration of consciousness throughout the bodymind.

This kind of movement helps build flexible strength and build greater vitality throughout the whole body so your whole body mind will be more integral in its consciousness expression.

Movement is the way of Life-Force. Life-Force moves and it is through movement, the right kind of movement, that life-force is generated and potentized. This is why movement, the right kind of movement, is very important every day, to help vitalize and maintain the body. This is crucial for you to understand in an overall health regiment. You have to move. There is no way around it. Why? Because that is what your body is designed to do. Your body is designed to move. Movement mixed with rest is the balance of yin and yang that every body needs. The right amount and the right kind of movement will increase vitality and potency to the bodymind.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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