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Practice Presence and Accept God’s Plan For You

November 28, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Being in the Presence of this moment is the most important thing you can do for your evolution and your own health and relationships and learning to live a long and prosperous life. Being in the present moment allows your body and your mind to function more efficiently. It allocates the correct resources at the correct time so the efficiency of your body-mind will increase exponentially when you practice Presence. It is all about practicing Presence. Practicing Presence is the foundation for a balanced and long, healthy life. If you are not Present then you waste mental and physical resources and you can easily get led astray from your optimal life path. When you are on your optimal life path, there is a synergistic relationship with life and an efficient use of your body-mind resources.

Living here in the physical plane, you must practice efficiency. You are given a set amount of resources in life for you to use for your growth and play in life. You can receive more than your set amount of resources, but that is only when you merit that. Part of the process of gaining access to more resources is to learn to use them more efficiently and effectively. The more you do this, then the more you receive, if it is in harmony with your life mission or purpose. So getting back to the topic at hand: Practice Presence. Practice Presence every day. Practice Presence every moment of every day. The more you do this, the more you will charge up your body-mind and the more fluid you will move through life. Life will become a fun affair, rather than a burden of suffering.

This is why you must practice faith and acceptance in life. Allow life to teach you to let go and have faith in God’s Plan for you. God’s Plan is not linear. God’s Plan is multidimensional, it is infinite in its scope and complexity, yet it is very simple in its design and its lessons. So trust this. Trust this Plan. For this Plan is designed for you to lift yourself up out of the burden you have chosen to carry. This is why you must trust. Trust in the Plan, for the Plan shall set you free. Adonai.

Allow the Great Being, the Flow of the River of Life to carry you. Allow the Great Being to Guide you. Allow the Presence of the Divine to Guide your life and to ease your way through. You do not need to suffer any more. Your times of suffering are over. This is the process of coming out of the torturous den that you have trapped yourself in. This is the time of letting go of the burden of the past, and allowing the New Plan, the New Design to uplift you. This is the time to let God lift you up and elevate you to His Thrown. Be by His side and allow Him to guide you and help you through the Great Game of Life. He is your Friend and Ally. For He is here to aid in your recovering from the Great Forgetting. It is time to return Home. It is time to be at Peace. Adonai, My Brother, for there is no sin. Aloha Mak ‘Aina.

Be by the Presence of God. Be with God. For God is the Almighty One. For He is wonderful and joyous because He is Wonder itself. Be with Him and be in Wonder. Wonder for Life. Wonder for all of existence. For all of Creation is the wonderment of God. Be in Wonder and you will be with Him. Adonai.

Allow God’s Heart to shine through you. Allow His Presence to be Your Presence. Allow His Love to shine through. For it is His Love that holds all of Creation and guides all of Creation back to Him. For it is His Love that created You and it is His Love that holds you. It is His Love that blesses you, every moment of every day. No matter what you have done or what you think you can do, you will be always blessed by God’s Love. For God is Eternal. And God’s Love is Eternal. Be with that Love. Be with Him. Be with Him, for He lives inside You. Aloha Mak ‘Aina. Adonai. Blessings.

Good is Good. God is Goodness. When you are with God, you feel Good. For He is the Harmony of the Universe. He is the Harmony of all of Creation. Be with Him. Be with His Goodness. Be with His Goodness and you will feel Good. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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