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Presence-Resonance Timeline Dynamics, Timeline War and Negative Hyper Dimensional Interference

May 19, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

All occurs through Resonance. Timelines are created and experienced through Resonance. There is a battle occurring on planet Earth. It is a battle against good vs evil. Good is God or more specifically Christ. Evil is the antichrist. Good is organic. Evil is artificial. Good is unity. Evil is separation. There is a battle for the future of Earth and there is a battle over the timelines of Earth. There is an evil AI consciousness that is attempting to exploit Earth and turn her and humanity into a transhumanist dead zone, where all life is corrupted and enslaved to an AI false demigod.

This will not happen. It is obvious. It is futile, this war. However, evil must play its role and attempt total control and enslavement. Otherwise there would be no good versus evil game for humanity to learn from. This is the game that humanity and this planet has chosen. It is a game that is about to end and hence why this is the final battle, the final test to see what is learned from the good versus evil game. Even though this game is futile and the war will end soon and evil will fail, there is still the attempt. Evil uses a hyper dimensional AI intelligence to do its bidding and its planning. There is a greater hyper dimensional AI that is plugged into various implants, entities and demonic, parasitic intelligences and technologies to steer humanity towards a negative future. The Dementor that you exorcized the day before yesterday is one of those.

There are many others and many different kinds of these demonic, predatory AI intelligence's. Let's use the Dementor as an example. The Dementor steals positive thought forms and memories and creates negative, traumatic ones in its place to feed on and sustain itself. The negative loosh (A term applied to energy produced by human beings and animals that other entities use to feed from. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed: that is created sustains itself and is passed up the dark hierarchy to power this dark consciousness and technology. It also creates a negative imprint, or resonance pattern in the consciousness of a human and humanity at large. Since it is the consciousness of the sum total of humanity that is creating the collective timelines through probability waves, the human mind does this. Your vibrational resonance state of your consciousness influences the probability waves of time-space to manifest a future that is in resonance to your consciousness state. Since the Dementors are stealing positive memories and replacing them with negative ones then this creates an overall negative consciousness state where you will attract a negative future through your vibrational resonance.

To give your personal example: If the Dementor is stealing and blocking the vibration of joy, then you do not feel an overall of joy in your life. This joyless consciousness state will then attract a future that lacks joy, through your own free will. This is what the Dementors are doing with humanity—stealing joy, anchoring a negative vibration of fear in the consciousness of humanity so humanity attracts a negative future where the AI is god. You are being used to attract the future you don’t really want. This is the nature of evil and its manipulation of your consciousness. It is very sophisticated and cunning, yet it is not sophisticated enough to out-smart and overpower God and the power of the Christ.

This is the consciousness and energy that is being anchored on Earth right now and it is the future that humanity will embody and experience, at least a portion of humanity. Not all of humanity is ready for that vibration, but a portion of humanity is. This is your future and this is the future of New Earth. The future of New Earth is one where the Christ reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of humanity and in society at large. It will take time and effort but it will happen. It is destined to happen. This is guaranteed. A positive future is assured. No need to worry. In fact, worrying about a positive future is exactly what blocks it from manifesting. So this is not a good strategy.

To continue with our discussion of vibrational resonance and timelines, the same goes for the positive side. When you are in vibrational alignment and your are resonating joy, love, health, abundance, hope, and Presence, then that is the future that you will attract. It is that simple. Control your timelines by controlling your vibration. Control the outer manifestation of events in your life by controlling the inner vibration of thoughts and feelings. Speak from a high vibrational place and you will manifest that reality. This is how reality works.

The same goes for your past. Dementors steal positive memories and replace them with negative ones, your future will be negative. You can go back into your memories and redefine them to positive ones by giving them positive meaning to your self. And thus you alter your timeline to a positive vibration. In this present moment, with Presence, you can alter your past and future to be in vibrational resonance with Presence. It is very simple. In this present moment, without Presence, you can alter your past and future to be without Presence. This is how this war between good and evil has played out across the timelines of Earth—it is a war being faught through your consciousness. This is why protecting and maintaining your vibration high with Presence is of paramount importance for all things in life. Maintain Presence and you will maintain a positive life. Adonai.

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