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Principles to Live By

November 19, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Hello, My friend. Can you feel the moment now? Can you feel the Presence of the moment right now? Inside the Presence of this moment right now, not the past, and not the future, is what reveals the truth of reality. Be aware. Be very aware of the moment. For the moment holds the secrets and keys for you living in Right Relationship with Life. All of Life is striving to become Light. And all Light is striving to become Life. Both are met in the Love cauldron of the Heart. It is this sacred place of the Heart where all truth can be known and all power lies. Stand alert and be aware of the facade of things. For it is in the facade where the deception lies. Live according to the Principles of Life: Do no harm and defend yourself from harm. It is very simple. It is this code that you may live your life by. And living your life by this code will ensure that you live a long and prosperous life—one filled with happiness and fulfillment.

It is important to feed the love in all circumstances. When you learn to feed the love then you will know how to live and maneuver your way through life in the most harmonious way. Feed the love whenever and wherever you can and you will live well. Remember that love also means self respect and when there is a violation taking place to your personal field then you must set your sacred boundaries and restore the order of Love where it has been infringed upon. Adonai.

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