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Psychic Self Defense By Taking Control of the Mind and the Trinity of Forgiveness

April 12, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Take control of the construct. Take control of your mind. Interference works by penetrating your mind and then taking control of it. They take control of your mind’s creative elements. They take control of your Trinity of Creation, Preservation and Destruction and use it for their benefit, which is usually against you and it is working against Creation. They are attempting to weaponize your mind. They do that by subconsciously programing you to give your creative elements away to them. They are stealing your mind’s creative power. That is why you must take it back by controlling the construct that they are creating. You must take the power of your mind back into your hands, into God’s hands.

How do you do that? Well, they work through fear and deception. They create an illusion to harness your weak points. They can do this when you are awake and in your dreams. They know your weaknesses and use it against you and others to create division and to promote, to advance their agenda. They do not care about you. They do not care about you as a Sovereign Being. They see you as an object that they own to use for their agenda. They believe that you exist to serve their will. They believe that their will is all that matters and that is all that exists. If they can overcome your will then they are in the right, in their minds. Any being that does not resist or cannot resist, deserves to be controlled and subjugated to their will is how they see things. The only will they respect is a will that is stronger than their own. That is why they will keep interfering, keep harassing, keep manipulating, keep trying to break you and control you until you become stronger than them and they see you as a force to be reckoned with. Until they fear you, they will not respect you. They will fear you when your will is more powerful than theirs. This is not about you walking the path of fear. This is about your will becoming stronger than theirs so, in their minds, they fear that. They fear a force that is stronger than them. God’s force is stronger than them. But God’s force works through individuals in this realm and since there are few individuals who are embodying and channeling God’s Will sufficiently, they feel they own humanity and do not see you or the majority of humanity as a threat to their power. They play the game of power. If they can overpower you, violating your will, even though it is wrong and against Natural Law, then they will. There is nothing that will stop them except sufficient power that says “No!”. If that power is stronger than theirs, then they will be forced to respect that. That is the only force they respect—power.

So be more powerful than them. You actually have more power than them. All of humanity does, albeit mostly latent. You now have the capacity to oppose them. You now have the power capacity to resist and neutralize them, in your consciousness and in your body. You are just learning how to use it now. It will take some time but you will learn. They will be forced to respect you, not because it is the right thing to do, but because your power will be so great that they are unable to penetrate your mind. They will be unable to manipulate you because you have become immune to their manipulation.

So how do you do that? Take control of the construct. Take control of your mind. Anything that appears in your awareness is by definition, yours. You own everything that is within your awareness and anything that is in your body-field. This is Divine Law. So when they implant you and insert their weaponized and manipulated thoughts into your mind, you own those implants. You own those thoughts. When they penetrate your field, then you own them and can do what you want with them. That is the risk they always have when they choose to violate you—the risk of you fighting back. Fighting back, not in revenge—because that would actually benefit them by polarizing you to the negative—but fighting back in self defense. Self defense is their greatest threat. They are afraid of self defense. They are arrogant and think they are all powerful but when a lowly (in their eyes) human pushes back their attack, they get scared. That hurts them, greatly and they lose power.

When they enter your field, take control of them. Take control of them by taking control of your mind. When you take control of your mind, then you take control of them. Why? Because they work through your mind. If they physically show up then you would have to take control of them by putting them down physically—by neutralizing them physically. But they rarely do that, because that puts them at great risk of exposure. So they prefer to violate people’s minds. It is much easier and much more affective and can be done on a wide scale. It takes far less energy than to dominate someone physically by force. They are all about the conservation of energy and efficiency. If it is not efficient to do their work, they will not do it. So make it inefficient for them. Make yourself a brick wall, an impenetrable fortress that they cannot break. A force that will only take their stolen force back from them. When they fear you, then they are under your control. So defend yourself. Make your self a force to be reckoned with. Use the principles of Aikido. Use their own aggression against them. And how do you do that? By taking control of your mind. They are using your mind against you so use their mind against them.

When they penetrate your mind, they are also sharing their mind, albeit a portion, with you. And that makes them vulnerable. It’s like if they physically attack you then that makes their physical body vulnerable to you harming them. It is the same with the mind. When they interfere with you and interface with you, albeit violently and against your will, they are sharing their mind with you and that makes them vulnerable. When you take control of your mind, you are also taking control of theirs and they are forced to obey your will instead of their own. This can be disastrous for them.

So how do you take control of their mind in your self defense? When you see them or feel them, first lock on to them. Lock onto their signal. Bring them into your awareness. See them, feel them, make them clear in your minds eye and in your heart’s felt Presence. Merge your feeling with them. Just like you do when practicing Feeling-Awareness. Embrace them with your Causal Heart. Embrace them with HeartMind. Feel them, make your body their body. Make your felt sense their felt sense. Extend your Feeling-Awareness, your felt sense to them and feel them through Presencing. Make them your own. Then you have control over them. Then they must obey whatever your will is. You can dissolve them, burn them, vaporize them, transform them into butterflies or transform them into your servants. Whatever it is, you can do this with your Feeling-Awareness because they have entered into your sovereign home, uninvited and violating your will. They have lost all their rights when they do that. Sure, they still have the right to defend themselves. But you are not aggressing them, they are. It is important for you to remember that. You are not violating their will. They are. When a being inflicts violence onto you against your will, you have every right to put down and neutralize that violent force with whatever means necessary to neutralize the threat. Even to the point of lethal force. That is totally in your right.

It will take some practice for you to master this. Don’t worry, you won’t have a day that goes by without some opportunity to practice because they violate you every day. They do not give a fuck, so its time for you to not give a fuck. This is not an excuse for you to go on some killing spree in the astral. You wouldn’t do that anyway, because that is not in your heart. But you can go on a killing spree if and when they attack you. You have full right to do that. Vaporize, neutralize their threat.

Now, why is this happening to you? Well there are many reasons. You are target, for one. You incarnated into this plane, which makes you a threat to their power and a target for them. You might think that this is somehow a part of your karma—something you have to pay for because of the transgressions that you have committed. That is partially true, but the transgressions are not what you think. You have actually been making great transgressions for most of your life. You know what your primary transgression has been? Not defending yourself. You have been violating your own self by allowing aggressors to violate you and torment you and even attempt to murder you. By not defending yourself adequately to neutralize the force, then you have been violating your own self, and suffering in the process. You have suffered greatly because you have not learned self-respect and ignored the ability to defend yourself and your own mind. If you allow their mind control to get to you, then you are partly violating yourself (as they are also violating you). And as long as you allow them to violate you, then you keep the karmic dynamic of victim and perpetrator going. You have mismanaged your self. You have abused your power by allowing others to abuse you and steal your power. And when they steal your power, they then use your power to abuse others. Even though they still have a lot of the karmic consequences of these transgressions, so do you because you are allowing it to happen. You are karmically tied to others who have been abused in the same way and abused by your power that they have stolen from you. And that is how you perpetuate karma and stay stuck in the karmic loop—by allowing others to abuse you.

So how do you break this cycle of karma? How do you free yourself from the wheel of karma? You forgive. And how do you forgive? Sitting there and saying “its ok” to your abusers? “I forgive you for what you have done so when you do it again I will forgive you and allow you to abuse me..” Is this forgiving yourself? No! This is rubbish! This is bullshit! This is their exact mind control, designed to neutralize their opponent and kill you as a threat to their abuse of power. True forgiveness is about breaking the cycle of abuse. That is true forgiveness. You break the cycle of abuse by stopping the abuse. STOPPING. Stopping the abuse. Stop the abuse. Stop the abuse of your body. Stop the abuse of your heart. Stop the abuse of your mind. Stop the abuse of your soul.

Stop the abuse by fist seeing the truth. Shatter your fantasy and delusion that you have made for yourself and you have taken from them. Drop the illusion and see the reality of the situation. There is a force, an evil, aggressive, manipulative force that is violating, raping, and controlling your mind. Truth. Fact. Stop falling into disbelief. Stop falling into disempowerment. Stop falling into the fantasy, the illusion of being deceived. You are being abused. Fact. Truth. Against your will. There is no karmic contract bullshit. You are being abused, you are being violated. Step one: truth, fact. See the world as it is. See the reality for what it is. Now the second step of forgiveness is understanding. Gain understanding of what is happening, how this is happening, why this is happening, when this is happening, and who is doing this.

What is happening? I get left ear ringing and then my mind starts to go all chaotic and I begin to feel angry, depressed, afraid, confused, I have nightmares, I get possessed by demons, I lash out to others and hurt others verbally, etc.

How is this happening? I don’t know exactly, but some things I do know are that when this happens I feel powerless and this just makes things worse. I am allowing this on some conscious or unconscious level because I do not defend myself, usually, because I don’t know how or I feel it is pointless to fight against an invisible, all powerful force. This force uses my shadows and my weak points agains me and others.

Why is this happening? Because I am a threat to their evil power by awakening and trying to help others awaken and help alleviate the suffering on the planet. Because I am not aware of my true power and I am allowing this abuse to happen.

When is this happening? It seems to happen at key points in my timeline, timeline nodes, to gravitate me to a negative choice and to cause the most suffering and conflict possible. It happens especially when I am weak and vulnerable—If I eat something that is not in alignment with my body, before I go to sleep (that means they are going to manipulate me in my dreams), before I have something important to do, like working, making love or helping someone, or right before I am about to have some important realization, and when I am vulnerable or someone else is vulnerable and they can use me as a vector of attack.

So you see? After all these years you have a pretty good understanding of this phenomena. You don’t have to understand everything about what is happening in order to take action (which is the third step). You just have to understand enough, to move forward and experiment. Understanding is also a dynamic process with Knowledge or acceptance of truth. You go back and forth between your head and your heart—feeling, thinking, seeing, being aware—pattern recognition. Noticing how something occurred and then seeing how you are affected and then noticing when it occurs again and then seeing how you are affected. Eventually you begin to learn what is occurring, if you are being honest with yourself.

Then the third phase of forgiveness is taking action. Once you have accepted the truth (I am being abused) and then gained, at least some, understanding (Because I am allowing it to happen by not defending myself), you can take Right Action—defend yourself! You have not been in alignment, not because you have done some great wrong and now you have to payoff your sins, but because you have not been in alignment with your self—with your inner masculine principle of self defense. You have been violating your inner masculine by accepting abuse (pathological feminine principle by the way). Honor your inner feminine (non violence) by stopping the abuse, by stopping the violence being waged on her. How do you do that? By being the man and defend her! Call up your inner masculine and defend your inner feminine from rape, violence, and manipulation. Defend yourself! Defend your mind! And how do you defend your mind? By taking dominion over the contents and dynamics of your mind. Take control of your mind and neutralize the violators! Simple. Now, go do it.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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