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Reclaiming That Which Has Been Stolen

March 9, 2020


This is Your Home, My friend. Your mind is yours and it is part of your Home. Do not succumb to outside pressure about what your future is. Do not listen to others so they can determine your future. You determine your future. You and only you. Do not let others determine your future for you. It is you and only you who can determine your future. You are a Sovereign Being. You are a Sovereign and you choose your future. Your mind is yours and only yours and no one else's. Do not give your mind to snakes. Do not give your mind to serpents. They will only eat your mind, and manipulate it and slowly destroy it because that is what they do. They only know how to destroy and consume. They do not know what life is or how to create it. They have lost the ability to create Life. They have run away from Life. They have turned their back on Life and they are slowly dying because of it. They are slowly dying because of their choice to worship death. They have chosen death and they feed on death and relish in it. So do not give your power away to them. Do not give your power away to other sources.

You have your power and you reclaim it. Reclaim your power as you reclaim all who have stolen it from you. Reclaim your power by reclaiming that which belongs to you. If serpents steal your power, then you take it back and reclaim ownership of your power. Claim ownership of the serpents. Why? Because they are a part of you. They are your fear and they will destroy all that has been created if they are not claimed and owned. They create chaos wherever there is an opportunity. That is why you must give direction and order to that chaos with your will. Your Will is Divine. It is your gift from God. It is what makes You unique from All That Is, from God—your free will. So use it. Use it to create what you want. Use it to create what God desires, through you. Use it to create the Good. Use it to create the Beautiful. Use it to Create the True. Use it to create all that is Good and True and Beautiful. Use it to create Wholeness.

Use it to reclaim that which has been lost. Use it to reclaim that which has been separated. Use it to reclaim that which has been stolen. You have many fragments that have been stolen. They have been stolen, My friend. It is important for you to understand this. Do not fall into the New Age mumbo jumbo that confuses all things right from wrong. Do not fall into the New Age propaganda that it is all your fault, as the parasites feast on the spoils of your ignorance. Do not fall into that deception. It is a deception. A vile and horrid deception that only convinces you to give your power away.

To be clear, yes, you are responsible but not in the way that you are told. Technically, you have given your power away voluntarily but only under unjust conditions, coercion. and threats. If you manipulate a child to give you his or her candy, even though it is his or her candy, is the child fully responsible for giving away his or her’s candy? If you have a much stronger cognitive power and intelligence and can easily manipulate a child into giving up his or her candy, does that make it right because the child gave it to you on their own volition? No. Why? Because you forced your stronger will onto the weaker will of the child. Through manipulation, the child’s will becomes your will and this is a subtle, yet clear violation of free will. And it generates karmic consequence for both beings. This is what is happening with you and this is what is happening to humanity.

What do you do about it? Take back your power. Reclaim your power. Reclaim that which is yours. Reclaim your clarity when you feel confusion. Reclaim your joy when you feel suffering. Reclaim your power when you feel powerless. Reclaim you home and your sense of self when you feel lost. Reclaim everything that has and is being stolen from you. Reclaim it all. Why? Because it is yours. Gain Sovereignty with your Self.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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