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Releasing Anxiety Through Breath and Presence

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Monday, January 22, 2020

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

"I am feeling very confused. I do not feel good. I do not know what to do."

Is that true, My Friend? Is that really true? Are you really confused? Do you really not know what to do?

Rest. Rest with Me. Be with Me. Feel Me. Feel Me. I AM here. I AM here for you. I AM here. Be with the truth of Me. Be with Me. You have to be with Me. Feel Me. I AM here for you. I AM here. Now, what do you want to know? What do you truly feel? You feel fear? Anxiety? This is only a result of confusion of you mind. Be with Me. Be with My clarity. Be with Me, now. Right Now. Feel Me. Feel this anxiety. Feel it. Now let it go. Let it wash away. Do not hang on to it. Do not grab on to those thoughts of worry, fear, and pain. Do not hang on to the sadness. Do not hang on. Let them go. Let them wash away from your mind. They are only a distraction. A distraction to cripple your vibration. Your vibration with Me. Your connection with Me. Release these thoughts. Release them. Let them fall away. Let them float away. You do not need them. They are not yours. Now, feel My Presence. Feel My Presence in your body. Take a deep breath and breathe Me in. Breathe Me in. Breath with Me. There you go. Good. Feel Me. Feel My Presence in your life. Feel how I always take care of you. I always take care of you when you are with Me. Have I ever not taken care of you? Have I ever led you astray? Many other voices [aspects of yourself] have done that, but not Me. I AM the only one you can truly count on. I AM the only one you can truly be with. For I AM the One and Only God. I AM Peace itself. I AM you, and your ultimate path and vibration.

So what do you need to do? You need to calm down. You need to calm your mind. You need to calm your mind and be with Me. You can only know the Truth and have the clarity you seek if you are with Me.

Take a deep breath, My Friend. Deep breath. Deep breath. Breathe down into your belly. Feel your belly expand. Breathe into the tension and anxiety you feel in your belly. Breathe into that. Be Present with that. Breathe into that. Deep, full breaths. Relax. Relax into the gentle sensations of your belly expanding and contracting with each deep breath. Relax. How does it feel? Feel more relaxed? Breathe into the pleasure of relaxation as your belly expands and contracts with each deep breath. Relax…

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