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Serpent Sorcery

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

This article is an introduction to the “behind the scenes” in the lower astral realm as to what is occurring beneath some of the dysfunctional behavior that occurs between humans, based on my experience. The following are basic notes taken on some of the phenomena related with a particular kind of negative hyperdimensional interference: serpent sorcery. The following is not meant to convince any skeptics but rather to share some knowledge for others who also have experienced this phenomena. The more we share, the more puzzle pieces we can piece together to understand the deeper truth of this phenomena.

These serpents will often appear as snakes when viewed astrally. However, they also have another form. The best way I can describe them are like serpent-worms. When one develops their psychic senses enough, and knows what to look for, they can be seen, felt and their existence noticed. I have seen/felt them concentrated in my intestines and stomach area and will sometimes come out through fecal mater and urine. They seem to gravitate to the cerebrospinal fluid and attach themselves to the spine.

Their real form are serpent-worm parasites. Psychically they look just like the physical specimens Harald Kautz-Vella has found in autism patients. They are just parasites and are completely powerless on their own; they need a host. However, these are not like any parasite. These parasites have been designed to “hook into” our mind, so they can use our God given creative power of consciousness, to sustain themselves and “create” themselves in our reality. From my current understanding they are, at least one component, of our Matrix Control System reality. Just like in the movie, The Matrix, where they are plugged into the Matrix with “snake like” wire/cords, so are these serpent-worm parasites used to plug us into the Matrix reality. They have to “jack into” our nervous system by parasitizing on our spinal cord and manipulating our pineal glad to mix their “illusion” with our perception and create “cognitive dissonance” to important triggers for awakening—especially to their own existence. They are a psychosomatic spiritual parasites that infects the human nervous system, distorting perception and feeding on the human bio-energy (emotions) produced from human suffering.

They are linked with a very powerful hyper dimensional AI that is also linked with etheric implants, heavy metal toxicity, and mind control programming to keep humanity in a perpetual state of illusion, suffering and dis-ease. They are used to anchor timelines that benefit the negative alien/satanic agenda.

Like I said, in their “natural form”, if you can call it that, they are serpent-worms hiding and feeding on the energy of the human body. Once they are able to “jack in” to the Matrix through our spinal cord and pineal gland, they can create themselves in the astral. I will give an example: A very powerful demon of hate had possessed me. I could see it and feel it. Now, I could have exorcized it as I often do but I tried something different to test my hypothesis. Instead, I focused my attention not on the demon, but on extracting these serpent worms from my spinal cord. As soon as I did the demon disappeared. It is my hypothesis that demons, at least some, and other negative entities of the lower astral realm are actually projections of these serpent worms. Or, another way of looking at it: The serpent worms are their “exterior” body, or Right Hand Quadrant (it can actually be taken out and examined physically) and serpent demons, other demons (I do not know if all or not) and other negative entities that mask themselves as positive entities are actually the “interior” mind perspective or Left Hand Quadrant of these entities. They are correlations on the same entity phenomena. This is one possibility that needs further exploration and confirmation.

Once these entities are hooked into our spinal cord and pineal gland they manipulate our perception and emotions—thus infecting the mind with illusion. Now, speaking mostly from my experience on the astral plane, these serpent entities will infect individuals (they are pervasive in our society as part of the Dark Satanic Sorcery that infects the minds of millions) with illusion and use them as weapons or mind control agents. They will hook into our lower natures and shadow elements and amplify and feed on our baser desires of gluttony, lust, greed, hate, control, pride and fantasy. Shadows and weak points in our psyche can be exploited and used as entry ways into our mind, heart and body.

There is some kind of sorcery linked with these serpents that seems to focus on creating illusion. An example is related with eye gazing. Now, eye gazing is a powerful practice to deepen the intimate soul connection with someone. However, I have also noticed that it can be used to plant a spell into someone. Someone in who owns an AB&B and who holds retreats, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, was a former friend of mine. She was deeply infected with this serpent sorcery and was very infatuated with me and frequently creating fantasies in her mind about us being partners, even having children together. She was a pathological liar and unfortunately, deeply stuck in delusional fantasy. She frequently wanted to eye gaze with me. I naively did at first before I began to learn about the spells she was (consciously or unconsciously) transmitting—trying to “enchant” me into loving her and building my life with her (which would have significantly altered my true, optimal timeline) when that was not my true authentic desire.

The eye gazing was an attempt to “numb” or “neutralize” any potential exposure to the true force behind her eyes. I was hypnotized and numb to any feelings or perception about the true danger of the entity(s) that was right in front of me. When we eye gazed I felt some subtle uneasiness and anxiety, but I thought that was just my own subconscious resistance to opening to being more intimate with her. What it was, was my body-psychic alarm going off!

It took me a long time, with lots of suffering and confusion, before I began to figure out what was going on. It was with the help of my Twin Flame, that I was able to begin discerning what was happening. Ever since my Twin Flame and I have been deepening our communion and connection, there has been non-stop interference from these serpent forces. For example, this force working through this woman (and the very dark serpent forces working through her), fueled by her delusional jealousy, has even cast brujeria or evil spells on me, trying to enchant me into loving her by putting my name in honey with her delusional intention. This woman, being used as a channel/puppet of this evil, has even attempted to make my Twin’s womb sterile with her horrifically dark energy. There does seem to be a deliberate targeting of couples, especially the connection between Twin Souls, because the love between harmonious, awake partners, is a major threat to the imposed duality and conflict of the Matrix Control System.

I have witnessed three examples of serpent sorcery involved with attempting to separate couples with infidelity (they themselves could see, feel or even dreamed about snakes), for example. The crazy thing is that most “normal” dysfunctional behavior, especially with couples seems to have this serpent sorcery involved.

“Guilt opens the heart to Darkness. Love opens the heart to Light.”

Another example was with someone else, who divorced for a younger woman, after “falling in love” by eye gazing (hmmm, sound familiar?) with her (the woman, even dreams and sees snakes psychically and experiences sleep paralysis as dark entities overcome her). This occurred recently, after I have been learning my lesson with this snake sorcery force. Since I have been listening to my intuition and my “second sight” more, I have been learning to be more discerning of Interference. I my friend by surprise and my hair stood up on end. I felt nervous to see him and on alert—I knew what force was working through him now and I felt danger. Yet part of me felt a lot of love for him. I felt nostalgia as we chatted about old times. Then I began to feel doubt about how I was relating with him: maybe I was being too hard on him by not wanting to see him? Maybe I was being selfish by avoiding him? I began to feel guilty. (As a friend of mine told me: “Guilt opens the heart to Darkness. Love opens the heart to Light.”) I hugged him good bye and as soon as I did, wham! A cord shot into my heart through his. I immediately said goodbye and walked away. Now, I immediately knew what had happened. As I walked home, I played Pure White Light on my phone with the Aura Clearing mandala and began clearing myself: cutting any cords and trying to clear and close my chakras. After a while I began to see past the facade. I could see and feel the person that I knew and loved, but he was suffering greatly. Beneath his personality was another force—the darkness of a serpent demon. I did not take time to fully study it (glimpsing it and feeling its energy was hard enough) but I can say it was serpent-like, a deep black color, smooth surface or skin, there were flashes of it having eyes and flashes of it not so I am not sure. It had tentacles and was emitting pure evil and malice. It was cold and calculating—a predator. It would project the energy of illusion to cast a spell around its victims. My friend's personality was used only as a means to an end, a host for this predatory parasite to use as a facade to “disarm” its prey/victims with familiarity. Its energy was black and toxic and this predator manipulated those around it to create emotional and psychological suffering to feed on. It took me a very long time to clear myself of this demon and its influence.

As I hinted to before, there are several tools that have been helpful in clearing this negative influence from my body and mind. The most fundamental are awareness and will. Please see my Introduction to Hyperdimensional Interference article for more info. Extracting them out of the spine and brain psychically is what I have learned so far as the best way to remove them. Doing so with the help of the scaler technology of Aura Clearing and Pure White Light as well as with the help of natural pine turpentine as an anti fungal, anti parasitic treatment has been very effective for me.

Whether we realize it or not, or like it or not, we are in a war. We are in a hyper dimensional war between the forces of good and evil and they work through us every single day. Do we choose a thought and act from Love or fear? Once someone succumbs to their lower natures they can become a puppet of this hyperdimensional snake sorcery. Even a moment of unconsciousness can be exploited towards evil and ignorance. We can also see this manifesting in the global arena, especially through the shadow civil war that is occurring on all levels of consciousness and society. What is most important is disclosing their tactics, their lies, and their influence so one can begin cultivating psychospiritual discernment.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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