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Stop Engaging in the War

May 16, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

HeartMind. I am broken. I am sick with this Trump, anti-Trump horrible sick game.

Yes, My friend. It is a sick and horrible game. And you have been playing it. You have been playing the game. It is a game that is sucking the life-force of humanity. It is truly a sick game, only to benefit those controlling the game. So stop. Stop playing the game. Stop playing this sick game. Stop feeding your life-force to this occult game. Stop it. You keep falling into the game. You keep fighting the fight. It is time to end the fight. End the suffering. End the conflict. End the war. This is a war, very sophisticated, being played on your mind and the minds of all. Stop playing the war. Stop fighting in the war. Stop suffering.

Relinquish your role in this fight. Relinquish your stance in this fight. Relinquish your participation in this fight. You relinquish this by seeing the truth, seeing the traps and refusing to fall into them—and move beyond the fight.

How do you move beyond the fight? Move beyond it. Do not engage in it. Do not engage. Take a deep breath and return yourself to Presence. Presence is the key. Presence is the key to Knowledge. Without Presence and without Knowledge you are lost in ignorance. You are lost. Stop the fight by staying in the Presence of the Heart. This is the Key. Stay in the Presence of the Heart. And when you leave the Presence of the Heart, stop, and do what it takes to return yourself to the Presence of the Heart. Adonai.

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