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The Cabal, Good vs. Evil, and the Life Path

May 10, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

What you are seeing, My friend are two factions of the Cabal fighting each other. One is losing power and one is gaining power. And yet this is the optimal timeline for Earth. Because as one losses power and the other gains power, the current power structure becomes unstable and that is the path of liberation for humanity. It is the final battle of good versus evil and yet that battle will beget more battles. The final battle of good versus evil is the battle that ends all battles because it is the battle where the good and evil die. And all that is left is Life itself. This is the concept you must understand. You must align with Life itself. Life operates through balance. Balance is how balance is restored. Yes, there are factions that wish for the true liberation of humanity and those factions are working with balance and for life itself. They are advocating the end of all war and struggle itself. They are working on building a new system outside of the current system itself. These are the important pieces of information that you must know. Rest with Emptiness. Rest with the impulse of Life, itself. Rest with the impulse of creativity and love. Rest with the impulse of compassion.

Can you see that good and evil are two sides of the same coin? They are dichotomies that need each other, that are attached to each other. They are dichotomies that produce and beget more and more conflict. Then what is the 3rd Way? The 3rd Way is the Way of Peace. It is the Way of Neutrality. It is the way of surrender to all that is truly Good, all that is truly Beautiful and all that is truly True. Rest in that, Ramses. Rest in the true upliftment of humanity.

There is the Alliance versus the Cabal. And there is the realm of peace. Rest in peace. Rest in the peace of your True Nature. Rest in the Reality of what is. Because only then will you see that both polarities are one and the same. Sit with that and then get back to us. Adonai.

You see, My friend. When you are pro-Life, you exist the dichotomy. It’s important to exit the dichotomy. Your perspective will change as you exist the dichotomy. Choose Life. Choose Bliss. Choose Truth. Choose Love. Choose Ecstasy. This is the Middle Way of the Integral Shaman. This is the way you transcend duality and the struggle. You have been in the struggle for so long. Now it is time to let that go. It is the time of peace. Now is the time to walk the Middle Way—the 3rd Way. Now is the time to walk the path of Truth-Bliss.

There is a third force that will enter the planetary sphere. A 3rd force that will end the war on the surface of this planet. There is a third force that will end the struggle. There is a 3rd force that will end death and begin a new life for humanity—one based on Light, one based on Love and one based on Life. This force is coming and it is coming soon. Prepare yourself for the Great Liberation. For this is upon your world. Right Now. Rejoice, for it is here, for all to see and hear. It is here for all to witness. It is here for all fo feel. It is here for all to be. Adonai.

We are the Servants of the One and True Infinite Creator and We support Life throughout all the galaxy. We are here now. Watching, waiting, working. We are here now, for the Truth shall be known. The battle is ending. Rejoice. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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