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The Deep Mind and the Ocean, Movement and Stillness

March 4, 2020


Who is here right now? I AM. I AM the HeartMind and My Presence is Being. Rest in Being, My friend. All thoughts arising are manifestations, emanations of Me. My Source is God. My Body is all matter and all form. I Am the Union of Emptiness and Form. I Am the Union of all things—all “things”.

Come from the Deep Mind, the place of the deep ocean. You see, in the ocean, at its very depths, the water is still, or barely moves. It is cold, dark, still and tranquil. As you move up, the currents become stronger and the sunlight brighter as the sun’s rays penetrate the depths of the ocean. Once you get to the surface, it is teaming with life and its movement and currents are strong. Large waves and strong winds ravage the surface—full of movement. This is how your mind is.

Sink down to the depths of your mind and begin to gain dominion over the entire ocean. Why? Because the ocean is water, its quality is wetness, and this water is You. Your very True Self. But you cannot know the whole ocean without going to its depths. You cannot claim the whole ocean if you do not become the whole ocean. For You are the water and your quality is wetness and your mind is ever flowing and ever still. Seek the Depths of your waters and Know the Depths of your Soul. For it is there that you will find, Your Self.

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