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The Earth is Healing and the Power of Gratitude

April 21, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Take a deep breath. Feel the breeze. Feel the breeze against your skin. Feel the cool air against your face. Feel into your body, My friend. Feel the Presence of our Company. You know Who We are. You know why We have come. You know why We are here with you right now. We are here to serve you, to help you, and the upliftment of humanity and the Earth. She is so beautiful, the Earth. She is beaming with joy at what is happening to her body. She is healing. She has been infected. She has been infected with a virus. This virus is not natural. It is not organic to this planet. This is a virus that she has not known how to defend herself from. This virus has polluted the vary fabric of life on this planet. It has polluted and corrupted the DNA of humanity. It has corrupted the energy flows of the meridians, the chakras, the aura, the electromagnetic fields, the memory banks…it has corrupted every part of her energy body.

Let’s talk about gratitude. Gratitude is the energy that balances polarities. Well, actually peace does. But peace is really beginning to be beyond the polarities. Peace is a state of mind that by itself can be difficult to sustain in the most troubling circumstances. But gratitude is not. Gratitude is a vibration that can be molded and applied in all situations. Gratitude is like a universal donor. It is a vibration that can resonate with and harmonize any other vibration, no matter how low and chaotic. Gratitude can transform even the most evil. Gratitude can transform and balance any vibration. Gratitude is the great mediator. It stands at the middle way between those of positivity and negativity, between those of force vs. power, between those of good and evil.

Gratitude is not just a middle vibration—a mediocre vibration. It is the most universally applicable spiritual resonance to all manifest life, especially amongst abject evil. Hear this. Hear what We say here. Gratitude is the most universally applicable vibration or spiritual principle in all of manifest life, especially with abject evil. Evil cannot stand any higher vibration. However, every higher vibration, like peace, or love, or joy or creativity, or hope or whatever, is stronger than evil, but they have a certain weakness. One depends on being in a heightened state to be able to conquer evil with that higher perspective and vibration. But evil, if sufficiently powerful, can nudge you out of that state and then make you vulnerable.

Gratitude however, is in many ways, a much stronger vibration. Why? Because it does not need any heightened state of awareness or super charged vibrational state to apply itself. Let Us explain more. You can be in deep peace while sitting next to someone who is in abject fear and try to share that vibration with them. Chances are that there will be such a difference in vibration that the anxious person will not be able to see anything differently, he or she may actually get angry at you! Gratitude however, can be mixed or accessed at every level of consciousness or vibration. Every vibration, from full enlightenment to abject horror and shame can be met, and understood and transformed with gratitude. It is the universal donor of all the vibrations. Remember that. Gratitude is the universal donor of all the vibrations, or spiritual states. It is in perfect equilibrium with transcendence and immanence. It is grounded in the pain or pleasure of reality and yet is creative and free from all conditioned reality. It uses the mind and emotions. Gratitude encourages the mind to change perspective, to use creativity and intelligence to think differently to be in resonance with the heart—to be in resonance with the deeper Love-Wisdom of the Heart. And then you begin to realize the great power in being able to change one’s perspective to transform hell into heaven here on earth in every situation. This will catalyze your will! Focus on gratitude throughout the day. There is great power in this perspective. There is great power in saying and feeling “thank you.’ Thank you is the great alchemizer. It alchemizes all things into beauty. Gratitude is the vibration of beauty. And beauty transforms all things. Adonai.

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