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The Five Rhythms of Life

April 7, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

All Life is in Flow. All Life is in movement. All of reality is in movement. All movement is also in relation to Stillness. All movement originally is born out of Stillness and returns to Stillness. There is a primordial Space and that Space is the Ground of All Things. This Space is a Space of Stillness and this Stillness is at the center of your Heart. Your Spiritual Heart.

All of Creation expresses itself through five fundamental rhythms. All of life expresses itself through five fundamental movements or rhythms. Any phenomena first exists as potential. Before Creation there is nothing, no thing. This space is Empty, it is Infinite and it is pure potential. All phenomena first exist as pure potential, infinite, pure potential, still, yin—the watery depths of Being. Then, out of pure potential something is created. First, no-thing, then some-thing is created and born into existence. No-thing, or infinite potential then creates itself, expresses itself, fulfills itself and then dissolves itself, back into the Empty Ground of infinite potential again. Movement is born out of Stillness, expresses itself, fulfills its movement in the world, and then dissolves itself, comes to rest, back into the Stillness from which it came.

This is the Flow of Life. This is the flow of all things. This is the Creation Cycle of Life and of all things in manifestation. This is the dance of polarities between Yin and Yang and is expressed in the Chinese Theory of the 5 Elements—Water (potential, stillness), moves to Wood (creation, growth), which moves to Fire (expression, flowering), which moves to Earth (fulfilling, fruiting), then to Metal (dissolving, decay), and then back to Water (back to stillness and new potential) again. This natural Flow of Life, when in balance, flows from Creation to Preservation to Destruction in an endless, continuous flow.

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