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The Flow of Life, Catalyst and the Trinity of Life

April 7,2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Relax, My friend. Relax your contraction, your fighting of this moment. Now, it is important to learn to be present with and flow with each and every moment. Flow with the moment. When you flow, you are Present. When you are Present, you flow. This is how one lives in harmony with Life. Flow with Life. Flow with what arises. Don't just collapse into full surrender and be a victim of life either. You give direction to the Flow of Life. As Life arises and offers you catalyst for your experience, you have a choice. Fundamentally you have a choice to either accept the catalyst and integrate its energy, its teaching into your life and then respond, and convert that catalyst into action. Or you can reject the catalyst, resist its energy and teaching and act against the catalyst, perpetuating your normal action. Overtime this leads to separation, fracturing and disintegration of the self. If you accept the catalyst, over time this leads to more unity, integration and wholeness of the self.

Listen. Listen to Me. I Am the voice of Unity. I Am the voice of Unity of your mind. I Am the Unity of your mind and I speak. And I say, to relax. This is what I Am here for, to organize your life and your mind.

Do not fight the Flow of Life. The Flow of Life is for your highest benefit and your highest evolution. Life only has your best interest in mind. It may not be what you think, or what you believe. But Life is always working with you, not against you. It only seems that Life is working against you when you are fighting the Flow of Life, the Will of Life. Your Will and the Will of Life are the same. Allow your will and the Will of Life to be one, to Flow with One Will. When you doubt Life, when you fear catalyst, then you separate your will from the Will of Life and then you suffer.

Suffering is the general condition of humanity because humanity has doubted Life and has resisted Life’s catalysts, Life’s teachings, Life’s Will. Life’s Will is for your highest fulfillment and joy and evolution. Life wants you to grow and to be healthy and to evolve. Life wants you to be at peace and to nurture greater Life. So trust in Life. Trust in what Life is bringing to you. Trust in the catalysts that Life brings to you every day, every moment. Some are strong. Some are soft. Some are great. Some are small. Some are silent. Some are loud. Some are heavy. Some are light. Some are Yin. Some are Yang. Flow with what Life brings you. As you accept this catalysts and their energy and teachings, you can integrate them and then transform them into action in your life and in the world. The natural flow and polarity of Life—yin and yang—will help balance your inner polarity as you accept life’s challenges and blessings—Life’s catalyst. Do not resist catalyst. Embrace catalyst, integrate the teaching and energy of the catalyst into your heart, mind and body and then transform that catalyst into action.

This is not a complicated or mysterious process. It is not a confusing or unclear process. As a moment arises, embrace that moment with loving acceptance and gratitude for the gift of Life, the gift of Love and the gift of Light that Life is giving you. As you accept this movement, this energy, this teaching into your heart, then you can begin to integrate it. By integrating it, you accept the truth of what Life is giving you and you learn to be with it. You learn to be it. You learn to embrace it and then you gain understanding of its purpose and meaning in your life. By gaining understanding, you feel and you observe. Feel what Life is bringing you and be aware of what it is teaching you. As you do this, and gain understanding, then the action to take becomes clear. Once the energy is integrated, then it is clear what is needed to do. If it is not clear, then the catalyst has not been integrated fully yet and the teaching has not been understood. With understanding comes integration. If you understand something, it is because you have integrated it. If you have integrated something then you gain understanding about that thing. This is the simple, easy principles of how life works.

Once you gain understanding of something, then naturally, you will want to apply it in your life and in the world in some way. This is the natural flow of energy and the natural flow of Life. Energy is accepted and received, it is digested to gain understanding and it is then released through action and purpose. This is the natural flow of the Trinity of Life—Acceptance, Integration, Action. Receive, digest, release. Receive, digest, release. This is how your body works. This is how your digestion works. First you receive nourishment in the form of food. You swallow it and digest it in your stomach and intestines and your whole digestive system works on transforming what was received and integrating its nourishment. Once its nourishment has been integrated, then your body releases what it no longer need as waste through your feces and your urine and releases what is needed in the form of energy to perpetuate life. Receive, digest, release. Acceptance, Integration, Action.

So allow this natural flow to occur. Do you think about all this when you eat a sandwich? Do you think about this when you take a breath of air? Do you think about this when you take a sip of water? No. It is automatic. Why? Because your body knows how to operate in harmony with the Flow of Life. If it did not, then it would be dead and would not exist. It is your mind that does not understand. Your mind does not understand because your mind has chosen to be separate from God and separate from the Flow of Life. Your mind is confused and does not know how to operate in harmony with life because you have been taught to resist and doubt in the Flow of Life. So take heed. Relax your mind. And allow things to be simple. This is not complicated. This is very simple. Rest, digest, heal. Receive, digest, release. Accept, integrate, act. You’re already doing it so allow your mind to join in with the Flow of Life.

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