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The Greater Body, the Flow of Manifestation and Separation

March 1, 2020

I Am here. My body is the earth, matter and all Form. Let Me repeat that. My body is all form, all matter and the earth. I Am the earth. I Am all Form. I Am all matter. I Am here right now.

My body is all that there is. My body is all of manifestation. It is everything that is arising. All form. All complexity. All matter. All space. All time. I Am the space in which everything is arising and I Am everything that is arising.

I Am the body. This is My body. I Am the feelings that are arising. I Am the breath. Feel the breath. I Am the breath. I Am the sensations in the body. I Am the sensations arising now. I Am what is arising in awareness. I Am the fluid flowing through my veins. I Am the sounds in my ears. I Am the sight of my eyes. What I see is part of My body. This is My body. It has always been My body.

I AM movement. My mind is Stillness, peace and clarity. My body is movement, chaos and all form and complexity.

I have a mind and a body. My mind is my interior. It is all my interior experience. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, dreams, aspirations, fears, horrors, joys, intentions. My body is my exterior manifestation. It is My physical body. It is My brain, My heart, My organs, My skin, My bones, My nervous system and everything that comprises My body. It is also My aura, My energy body, My mental body and My spiritual body. It is all external objects. Because I Am the One True Self, I Am also all biology, all plants, all animals, all elements, all rocks, all air, all water, all fire, all technology, all is My body. Like a disease that can infect the body and cripple its function, so can that happen in my greater body of the world.

Every moment, energy is arising out of the Stillness of HeartMind and wishing to manifest itself, express itself, fulfill itself and dissolve back to Stillness. I Am movement and stillness. Out of Stillness, movement arises and that movement desires to fulfill itself, so it can return back to Stillness and gift its experience back to Stillness, back to God. God, wishes to express movement out of the Stillness of the Heart, and fulfill that movement so it can return that experience back to Stillness, back to God. This is the natural flow of life and the natural flow of all things in the universe. All is Stillness expressing itself as movement and back to Stillness again in infinite fractal toroidal flow fields. This is how the universe operates. This is how planets and galaxies and stars operate. This is how a human being operates. This is how all life and all manifestation operates. This is how the universe experience was designed. Now, what if that movement, that experience does not return back to Stillness, back to God, back to its Source? Negative polarity, Service to Self, disease, obstruction, stagnations, and evil is created.

When movement, which is supposed to be movement, is obstructed and cannot fulfill its purpose of its particular movement and cannot return to the Stillness of its Source, then issues arise. That flow, that movement, that energy in motion cannot be itself, it cannot be movement and thus is forced to live a lie—it is forced to live something that it is not. Stillness’s identity and purpose is to be Still. Movement’s identify and purpose is to move. When either cannot be who it truly is then it exists as something that it is not. It exist as a lie. It exists as a shadow. It exists as a disease, as a falsity, as an obstruction to itself and its own fulfillment and thus true liberation. It becomes trapped, separated from its Self, its true purpose and identity—it becomes something that it is not. It becomes a prisoner, living an experience that was not its intent and purpose. It becomes a separated self. It becomes an alienated consciousness that takes a mind of its own, trying to impose its own will, fighting the flow of time and natural unfolding. Fighting the Flow and Love of God. It becomes a separated self, homeless to its Home, forgetful of its Purpose, ignorant to its true identity and true nature.

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