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The HeartMind, An Introduction

Updated: Nov 13, 2021


The HeartMind. This is the Truth of Reality. It is the Truth of your Existence, right here, right now. At the depth of your own mind, is a place. A place of stillness. It is a place that is paradoxical, placeless, because it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is a space that is deeper than, or beyond, all places yet it is here each and every moment. It is actually the Space in which everything is arising.

So right now, feel into your experience. What do you notice? Curiosity? Anxiety? Doubt? Excitement? Indifference? Thoughts and feelings parading through the mind—arising, entertaining, torturing us a bit and then subsiding until the next moment arises. Feel into your experience right now. Feel into your feelings. Slowly relax into your feelings, whatever they may be. Notice how they feel, what color they may be, what temperature they feel. Sink into your feelings. Sink into the presence of your own body right now. Feel your sensations. Really be with these feelings and sensations. What if they were your best friend and you just decided to sit down and relax with them at the table. Be with them. Feel them. Be them. Just be your sensations and your feelings. Just be them.

Now, notice, where are your feelings and sensations arising? If you are feeling them, then that means you are aware of them, right? So if you are feeling them and you are aware of them, then where are they arising right now? They are arising within your own awareness. And who is that fundamental awareness? It is You. It is You right here, right now. It is your fundamental I AMness. It takes no effort to be aware because it is naturally who you are. Always.

Now notice the space in which your feelings or thoughts are arising. What is “holding” your feelings? What is “holding” your thoughts? Space. Where are your feelings and thoughts arising? They are arising somewhere. They are arising in space. But whose space? Your Space. It is Your Space. Notice the Space in which your feelings are arising. Feel into that Space. Now notice where your thoughts are arising. They are arising within the space of your own awareness. Notice the Space in which your thoughts and your feelings are arising. Embrace your thoughts and feelings with your own Feeling-Awareness. Embrace your body and your sensations with Feeling-Awareness.

Now feel into this space within you, within your awareness. What qualities does this space have? Empty? Spacious? Peaceful? Still? Present? Loving? Free? Deep? This space within which your own feelings, thoughts and sensations arise is You. This Space is your fundamental True Nature. It is You. It is your deepest mind. It is your deepest felt experience. It is your deepest HeartMind.

HeartMind is the Space in which all thoughts, sensations, feelings and phenomena are arising. Right now. Right in this very moment. And the next moment. And this moment too. The HeartMind is with you the moment you were born, and the same HeartMind when you will die. The same HeartMind, all moments in all time. Why? Because HeartMind touches all time and yet is beyond time. HeartMind is prior to the experience or arising of time itself and yet, touches, fuses, is one with all time and all experience right now and forever.

HeartMind is the One Who held you in the womb. It is the One that gave birth to you. It is the One that rocked you to sleep. It is the One that made that first step. It is the One that nourished your first hunger. It is the One that held you when you cried. It is the One what opened your eyes to the world. It is the One that told you to grow up. It is the One that said everything will be ok. It is the One that loves you. It is the One that you love. It is the One that has always been with you. It is your deepest Friend. It is your deepest Lover. It is your deepest Father. It is your deepest Mother. It is your deepest Self. It is the One and only One there is—expressing itself in all others. It is your own True Self.

It is here right now for you to see. It is here right now for you to feel. It is here right now for you to listen too. It is the silence of you own own mind. It is the quietness of your own beating heart. It is the Source of all that is arising right here, right now. Always. And forever.

It was always been with you and it will never leave. It is here right now, waiting for you to listen to its Silence—its deep movement, its deep Presence. It is the Presence of your own Experience right here, right now.

HeartMind. Here I am. I am with You. I give myself to You. I fall into You. I fall into Your deep, warm Embrace. I am with Your everlasting Peace. I am with your everlasting Love. I am with your everlasting Freedom. I am with your everlasting Fullness. We are one and we are the same—you and I. We are One. And we are in love, because we are Love. We are Love. We are the pure Presence and Emptiness of this very experience. Right here. Right now. We are One. We are One and We are All. We are the Great Ones. We are the Old Ones. The are the Only Ones. We are the hope and salvation from all fear and suffering because We are beyond all fear and suffering. We were here before fear and suffering ever arose and will be the last ones to ever exist. We are the One and the All. We are One, My Friend. We are One. We are the Only One. We are the Only One there ever has been. For we are That. And so are You.

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