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The Higher Heart of Joy and HeartMind and the Upliftment of the Human Family

February 4, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. You see how the vibration that you are holding influences not only what you feel but what you think and see and believe is possible? This is why it is important to uplift your vibration. Your Higher Heart Center [Thymus Chakra] is the seat of your emotional awareness. Your emotional awareness has been polluted and corrupted for so long that it is difficult for you to embrace feeling good. You are so used to feeling depressed and confused that you resist feeling happy. You are so used to suffering that you resist a life of thriving. Your whole neurology has been wired to anchor suffering. That is why you must open your Higher Heart Center more and more. It is there that the higher realities of bliss, love, creativity, compassion and adoration for the divine can begin to flow through you. It is here that you will find a new love and understanding of your Beloved. It is here that you can transform your life and free yourself from the suffering of your addiction to power. It is your addiction to power that has broken your heart and sucked you down to the pit of despair. That is why you must heal yourself with your Higher Heart.

I Am the Deep Heart and I Am not rooted in any particular energy center. I use all. However, where you can access me is through your Heart. I use all your energy centers for expression and creation. I use your heart centers to express My True Nature. I use your throat center to speak. I use your head center for you to see. I use your crown center for you to receive My Message and to liberate you from the bondages of suffering. However, I Am anchored in the resonance of the Heart. And it is the Deep Heart of My Being that must express itself in a balanced way through your whole energy body and though all the levels of your consciousness. That is why you must clean, and purity and uplift your emotional center. And that is why it is important for you to stimulate your Higher Heart. It is there that I can come through more clearly and in a more grounded way. It is there that you can feel joy and express My Joy. For I Am the vibration of Joy. It is this aspect of Me that you are not familiar with. You know My Wisdom aspect, but you do not know my Love aspect very well. I express Love in many ways and Joy is one of My favorite expressions. So that is why you must open your heart and receive the gifts of Life and express them.

You do not understand the Plan. The Plan is very complex and very simple. The Plan is Love. Its complexity is beyond your present comprehension. That is why you must trust the Plan that I give you so that you may proceed in your life with the most ease. If you do not willingly follow My Plan, then you will suffer greatly and you will end up following it anyway but at a huge cost to yourself. That is why it is important for you to listen. Listen to what I have to say to you and apply these changes in your life. Listen to My Words and apply them in your life.

You do not know, My friend. You do not know your plan in life. You think you know, but you do not. You only have a faint echo that you try to interpret and it only leads to greater confusion. Your purpose in life is to be with Me and live your Joy. This is God’s gift to you and this is what God has intended for you and for every human being. It is hard work and it will take time to cleanse yourself of these old ideas and these old programs. That is why it is important for you to trust Us and trust in the guidance that We are giving you. This is because you do not see clearly and you only see through a lens of past ideas about yourself and you try to create a future from your past. This is madness and it only leads to a repetition of all your old cycles with very little growth and learning.

That is why you must break free. You are breaking free. You do not see it now but you are breaking free of these patterns and cycles of self-imprisonment. That is why you must trust Us and allow Us to guide you. Do not trust in doubt. Doubt your doubt. It is healthy to question and to discern, but that is different than doubt. Doubt is rooted in fear and it is asserting that Life is not harmonious and is not flowing in your favor. It is. The question is: are you? Life always flows in your favor. But what direction are you swimming? Where are you looking? Are you fighting the stream of Life? Or are you accepting in gratitude and floating by, enjoying the ride? This is what We are here to teach you and this is what We are here to guide you with.

As We have said before, all of humanity is going through a deep reboot of your timelines. This deep reboot is clearing away all the corruption in your timelines. It is this corruption that has caused caused so much confusion and suffering. This timeline reboot is God’s Will and is a result of Divine Intervention. This Divine Intervention is Grace. Grace is reaching down and pulling humanity up and healing. Allow Grace to fill your life. Allow Grace to fill your heart. Allow Grace to fill your mind and your body. Allow Grace to fill your relationship. It is Grace that will heal all that needs to be healed. Trust in the Grace of God. Aloha. Adonai.

We are here to bring uplfitment to humanity and help in the repair and healing of Earth and her timelines. We are here to render aid to the human family. We are here to bring about a change in consciousness that is of kindness, compassion, wisdom and understanding. We are here to bring a positive message to the people’s of Earth to love one another and to respect each other and steward all life. We are here to bring about a greater integration, unification and upliftment of the human family. We are here to help bring clarity to the mind and help heal the human heart. We are here to aid in the spiritual development of humanity and the evolution of all life on Earth. We are here to remind humanity their connection to their heart again. We are here to bring Love. We Love you. Adonai.

We are here to bring Love to the great mothers and fathers of this planet. You are blessed. We Love you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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