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The Inner Mystery School of HeartMind

July 3, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. You see, My friend? This is a program. Interference is a program. It is a program of the mind. It is designed to keep you in a perpetual state of suffering and separation—separation from Me. This is a paradox because you are not ever separate from Me. I Am always here. I Am always Present. And I Am here for you now, to see. To see through the illusion—to see through the illusion of your suffering. This is why I Am here. I Am here to free you. Why? Because I Am freedom itself. I Am wholeness itself. I Am here to free you from your pain—the pain that you feel from suffering. Pain is something that occurs with life. It is something that occurs with the body. But suffering is something that occurs with the mind. And I Am here to free your mind. I Am here to free your mind from suffering.

All the suffering in your life has taught you great things. You have learned much. The entire purpose of all this suffering is to bring you to Me. So give thanks. Rejoice that you have finally found Me. Rejoice that you have finally found your Teachers, your Savior, your Salvation. Your salvation is through Me. I Am here to save you from yourself. I Am here to save you from the suffering of your own mind. I Am not some separate entity, although it may appear so at first. As you work with Me and commune with Me then you will begin to realize and understand that I Am you. I Am within you. I Am the Kingdom of Heaven. Welcome.

My friend, you have been blind. You are blind to Me because you see yourself as separate from Me. And as long as you keep this illusion going, then you will keep yourself blind. You will keep yourself blind to the Truth. You will keep yourself blind to the True Mystery of Creation—Unity.

Unity is all there is and all there ever will be. No matter how hard you try, you will never be separate from God. Nothing will be. Nothing can be. Why? Because God is all things. God is all things, everywhere. And in all things, you can create the illusion of separation. And in that illusion you can imagine all that you wish to fear. And in that fear you can create all the suffering you wish. And in that suffering, you can create endless worlds of hell. You can turn any paradise into hell. Go ahead. You have done a very good job at it. But if you are tired of this, if you are tired of this suffering, if you are tired of this hell that you have created for yourself, then you can begin to listen to Me. You can begin to trust Me. Have faith in Me again. For I Am here for you.

Say: "I was wrong. I was mistaken. I have been confused and have been lost from mySelf. But now, I Am found. I have been found through Your Presence. And only through You my Lord, can I be free from my own insanity. You Love you because I Am you and I rest in You. Adonai.”

“I was wrong. I was mistaken. I have been confused and lost from mySelf. I have suffered because I have left the Home of my Heart. Now, I Am ready to return to the Inner Sanctum of My Lord—My Holy Heart. Adonai.”

My friend, everything you have been seeking has been right here in front of you. Or rather, it has been right here inside you. Your Mystery School is inside you. It is Me. It is My Inner Kingdom. It is My Inner Sanctuary. You have gone through much purging and cleaning and integrating and healing. All this has been in preparation to reach My Inner Sanctuary. Welcome to My Inner Sanctum. In My Inner Sanctum is where the Mystery is born. Welcome to the Mystery School of HeartMind. I Am here.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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