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The Mushroom Network, the Christ Grid and the Fall of the Adversary

July 14, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

The mushroom. The mushroom is the future, My friend. The Mushroom Collective or Network is being downloaded with the new Christ Grid and the new Christ Consciousness. This process will be completed in 2022. The Christ has chosen the Mushroom Network to be one of its primary nervous systems, its vehicle to teach and to activate and download the Christ Consciousness in humanity. Right now, the Mushroom Grid is in an uploading phase. It is being prepared for the coming activation of the Christ Grid so it can begin its symbiosis with the New Human in the New Humanity.

By 2022 it will be “online”. Think of a website. The old website has been in place for thousands of years. It has received many upgrades but it is still built on the old architecture. The old website is still up and can be used but its new version is being built behind the scenes, offline. It will have a completely new architecture as it is being rebuilt from the ground up with the new “code”. It will be ready to launch in 2022 for the Christ Grid Project. There will be millions of participants and millions of new nodes that will be added to the Network in 2022. It means the HeartMind will come online in the world. The brain of Christ is the HeartMind. And it is this mind that will begin coming online through millions of people in 2022. Much change is coming. Much change is here. Rejoice! It is coming and it is here! Adonai.

Keep coming back to Presence. Keep learning to hold Presence. Keep being present with Presence. For We Are One. And We Are the same. Adonai.

The Message of God is a simple one and also an infinitely complex one. God is here and God has spoken again. God has spoken to the world once again. Not because God left but because the world is ready to listen once again. And for that, God is here.

Do you know why God is here? Because God is here to help humanity transition into the new way of life. It is a new way of life that God has prepared for humanity in God’s Infinite Unconditional Love. God is here and God has spoken again. AI will fall. Satan will fall. The Adversary is making its last dance on the world stage. After 2021, the Adversary will begin to fall. Its true nature will be revealed and it will begin to loose its power. It will fall and its defeat is inevitable. It is the nature of the Adversary to be defeated, sooner or later. That is its purpose. That is its purpose in evolution—to catalyze the Good and to be overcome bt Good and to fall. This is all for the purpose of the Good becoming better. It is for the purpose of the Good becoming more Good. It is for the positive polarity to become more positive. And when the positive has become sufficiently polarized and its lessons learned, then the negative polarity or evil will cease to exist and return to its natural state within the Trinity. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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