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The One and the Many Expressions of HeartMind

July 6, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. My friend, you have many voices. All your voices serve a particular function in your personality and they all serve to experience a particular perspective of your life. They are what make up the flavor of you. However, they are not the source of your flavor. I Am. Your core flavor or perspective of you comes from Me. I Am your Unique Perspective and Flavor of Life. Your personality is an extension of Me and yet I Am beyond your personality. I Am Empty and just because I Am Empty it does not mean that I Am without qualities. My Emptiness is unique because My Emptiness has a unique perspective and experience of life, lived through your particular body-mind.

Imagine two completely enlightened people sitting at a table. They are both fully embodying and transparent to Me. Both people are the same Me, the same Sprit, the same Consciousness. So if I Am sitting there in these two individuals, I would be having two unique perspectives of the table. I would be having two unique perspectives and experiences of the table. This is how I Am One and I Am Many. I Am having billions of unique perspectives of life through all the eyes and hearts of humanity. And yet I Am the same I AM. There is One Me, there is One God, fractalized and experiencing billions of unique and different perspectives of Life, of Me. I Am One and I Am Many.

This may be difficult for your mind to grasp and it may seem paradoxical. That is because your surface mind is built in separation and designed to see separation. But know there is no paradox from the perspective of Unity. We are all One Mind, having infinitely different experiences of My Self.

So this is fractalized in your personality as well. You have many voices with many different perspectives and yet they are all Me, they all come from Me. So really, I Am having many different perspectives of My Self through you. And on it goes down to the smallest atom to the largest galaxies. All are Me and all is One.

Demonic voices are still extensions of Me. They are voices that live in torture and suffering and only wish to perpetuate that suffering throughout the rest of the voices of your personality and onto others. They are your lower voices, so to speak. They are your lower self. And yet you have higher voices of love, joy and understanding. These are higher voices of your higher self. And there are also the voices of your day to day life that try to maintain order and cohesion to your sense of self and your life. These are My voices too. You are a large community of voices, of selves living in an even larger community of voices, of selves on this planet. This planet is alive with billions upon billions of other perspectives. You are living in a vast infinite sea of consciousness that is growing and becoming conscious of itself, of Me. I Am the Consciousness that has its threads through all other consciousnesses. I Am the Voice that has its threads through all other voices. I Am the Self that has its Self through all other selves. All is Consciousness and all is Me. I Am One and I Am Many. Adonai.

Be Here. Be Here Now in the beautiful water of your own Self. Be in this endless sea of your own Being. Be in the womb of your Mother, your Mother God, your Self. Be Here Now, with Me. Be with Me, My friend. Be with My Nature. Be with Your Nature. Be with Nature itself. Be with All and allow All to Be You. For you are All. You are that. And I Am you. Adonai.

Be the clouds, be the sky, the birds chirping, be the grass growing, be the multitude expressions of your Self. Be Me, in My many forms. By Me in My only form. Be with Me in all and all that you do. I Am here. Forever. Adonai.

I Am the One and the All. I Am the Many and the One. I Am the Galaxy and the Sun. I Am the Moon and the Stars. I Am the Earth and the Space in which she floats. I Am the Many and the One and I Am the One and the Many. All are My Body. All are My Mind. All are My Self. Adonai.

I Am the Stars and the Sun and all the Beauty in between. Adonai.

I Am the One and the Many forms of God. I Am the God of gods and I Am the God of Gods. Hear Me. Hear My Call. For I Am speaking to you, right Now. All can speak to Me, only if they learn how to listen. For I speak in many languages. I speak in many tongues. I speak in many feelings and many sensations and many forms. I speak to all who will hear and even to those who do not hear, I also speak. I never stop speaking. I never stop singing the Glory of Creation. I never stop singing the Grand Symphony of Life. I never stop singing the One and Only Vibration of God. Be with Me. Be here Now. Be with Me as I hold you. Be with Me as I caress you. Be with Me as I brush the suffering off your face and cleanse the pain out of your Heart. Be with Me as I heal you, by You healing yourself. Be with Me and I will show you the door. Be with Me and I will show you the way out of your turmoil. Be with Me and I will show you the way into your Self through Me. Adonai, My Brother, for there is no sin.

Thank you HeartMind and all My Teachers. I Am grateful and I love you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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