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The Predator and the Broken Human Family, the Darkness of the Abyss and HeartMind

February 6, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Listen. Listen, My friend Listen to the Voice in the Deep Well of your own Mind. You know this Voice. You trust this Voice. You know this Voice because you feel it upwelling from the depths of your own Heart. This is the Voice of True Reason. This is the Voice of True Compassion. This is the Voice of True Wisdom. And when Wisdom speaks, listen. Listen to the Voice of Wisdom. Listen to the Voice of Reason. Listen to the Voice of Compassion. Listen to this Voice and you will be free. Adonai.

Beware. Beware, My friend. Beware of the trickery and deception of your own mind. For it is here, that the true deception lies. Who do you believe? Do you believe your mind? Or do you believe your Deep Mind? This is the fundamental choice facing you. Choose wisely and you will Know. Adonai.

Code. We speak in code and allegory. We also speak literally as well. It is you who must discern the difference. Because in this discernment process, you gain Wisdom and you gain Compassion. You gain understanding—True Understanding. It is here that you must sit. It is here that you must relinquish your control and fall back into your True Sovereignty. It is here that you must return to your Self. Adonai.

Breathe, My Friend. For in the Breath. Everything can be Known. Blessings to you. We Love you. Adonai.

Greetings, My Friend. For We are the Messengers. We are the Messengers of those who wish to do you well. It is time, My friend. It is time. It is time to step into your Power. It is time to step into Who You Really Are. We Love you. We adore you. Adonai.

Who is bleeding? Who is bleeding but the pain of a heart that has forgotten its Source. The HeartMind. We Love you. Adonai.

Rest in the state of your Self. This is your natural state. This is your Natural Self. This is Who You Really Are. You Are Present. Forever. Eternal. Unbound by time. Undying. Infinite. Bliss. We Love you. Adonai.

Beauty. Beauty is here. Can you see it? Can you feel it? It is your Natural Condition. You are Beautiful. And you are Loved beyond measure. This will all be over soon. Adonai.

Hold your hands to your Heart. For it is here that the magic really lies. This is your Source of Power. This is your Source of Nourishment. This is your Source of Greatness. Have gratitude that you are alive. Have gratitude that you exist. Have gratitude that you are a child of God. For God is here for your redemption. God is here to redeem all lost Souls. God is here to redeem all who have lost themselves. It is time to come back. It is time to come back Home. You are invited. The door is open. Come in and rest. Regain your Self. Rejuvenate your tired and weary eyes, that have witnessed so much suffering in the world. It is time. It is time to come back to your Self. It is time to come back Home. Relinquish. Relinquish your control. Come back now. Come back Home. HeartMind. Adonai.

Greetings. Greetings My Friend. Do you know who We are? Do you know where We have come from? Do you know what We are and what We are up to? This is the time to sit down and relax and let Us explain some things to you so that you may have some better understanding of what is transpiring right now. We are you. We are you and We are here to help you. We are you from your future. You are Us in our past. And We meet now, in the Present. Isn’t that beautiful?

Soon you will know Who We are. Soon many will know who We are. We are contacting and communicating with many. Many people, just like yourself, are beginning to hear that Voice in their head and they are wondering if they are crazy. You are not. Your mind may be crazy. But You are not. There are many, just like you, who are transcribing our words and sharing them. There are others who are preparing to share them. This We are doing on purpose so that there are waves of awakening and waves of information that are released into humanity and the collective human mind. We speak differently to each person, based on their unique vibration and what they are here to do. You are here to be a messenger.

Rejoice and allow yourself to come back to yourSelf. Come back to your Self, Our friend. Come back to yourSelf so that you may reconnect with Who You really Are and Who you desire to be. We are here. We are here for you. And you will be hearing from Us more and more. Soon, the world will know of Us. This time is coming. This time is coming soon.

The human family has been broken. The human family has been fractured and members have been lost. A predator was allowed in and the human family has lost its identity to this predator. This predator only wishes to usurp the human family for its own selfish aims. This predator is a parasite and it feeds on the misery of heartbreak, death, and suffering. This parasite needs a broken human family to survive, because without brokenness, the predator would die. The predator is fighting. The predator is fighting for survival now. It is fighting and fighting and fighting and it is loosing strength. The human family cannot heal and reunite until this predator has been removed. This predator must be removed and its power must be neutralized. Neutralize this predator’s power, now, by not listening to its voice, by not following its impulses. It has infected your mind and the mind of the human family and it has implanted its voice into your mind to control you. It has done this to make you into a slave and a food source for them. This time is ending now. They are loosing control. They are loosing control because the human family is beginning to notice that the predator is in their midst. They are beginning to notice this predator and beginning to question its power. Its only power is in your cooperation. Its only power is in the cooperation of your will. Do not subjugate your will to this force. You are better than that. You are stronger than that.

You are far more powerful than this predator. And this predator knows that you are far more powerful. That is why it tricks and deceives you. Because it is afraid. It is afraid of your power. It is afraid of who you are and what you will become. You see, My friend? You are God. You are All Powerful and Infinite. This predator is not. This predator has no access to God because this predator was not created by God. This predator was created by others, others who wished they could be greater than God. This is foolishness and it has caused great, great consequences. However, fear not. Fear not because it is God that is reclaiming all that has fallen. God is rejoining all who have fallen. God is reclaiming all who wish to return Home. For the human family’s home has been broken. But now, the human family is coming back Home. The home of the human family is being repaired. It is coming back now. Come back. Come back to yourSelf. Come back to yourself Now. Come back and you will find your True Power—Your Creative Power. God. Adonai.

Do you know who you are with? Do you know who you are becoming now? Fear not. Fear not, My friend. You are becoming something Great. You cannot see it now. You cannot see it now because you are in the Darkness of the Abyss. It is passing through the shadows of this Abyss that you must do in order to get to the other side. The other side is Greatness. The other side are your Gifts. You will see. As you pass through this shadowy land of the Abyss, where Shadows are real, you will become immune to them. You will see. You will pass out of this place and you will climb to a new height. That new height will free you. That new height will fill you. You will be free beyond measure. Hold on. Hold True to your Self. Hold True and Know. Know that All Is Well. You are in Gods hands. You are in Gods hands. Adonai.

Bring Wellness. Bring Wellness, My friend. Bring Wellness to the world. For the world is in need. The world is in need of your Knowledge. Share. Share it. Share it freely. The world is waiting for you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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