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The Source of Abundance

July 16, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. Relax, My friend. Be with Me. Your vibration is considerably out of alignment. You are very off. You are not seeing things clearly. You are stuck in a knot of your own anxiety and confusion. Relax, My friend. Allow this knot to untie itself. Free yourself from this knot by being with Me. You are going through a powerful process of transformation and you have gotten stuck in your programs around money and security. These are just programs—programs that cause you great suffering. You suffer from these programs considerably and frequently. Relax you attachment and engagement with this fear. Allow the fear to flow through you and out. Do not hold on to the fear. It will do you no good but keep you in fear and confused. Relax, My friend.

Be with Me. I Am the One Who will hold you. I Am the One who is holding you. You are safe with Me. You are secure with Me. You are abundant with Me. Be in Abundance. Be in this vibration. Remember, life is a mirror and it only reflects your inner world. Life shows you where you are free and where you are stuck. Life is reflecting your belief in lack. It is this belief that is causing great suffering for you. Notice this. Notice that it is only a belief, it is a perspective. It is perspective that no longer serves you. Are you ready to release this belief? Are you ready to release this belief for good?

Hear this: All is Well. All will be well. All will be good. All will be free and full. Allow yourself to feel: All Is Well. You are with God. How many people can you say that about? How many people in the world are really with Me? Not many. Far too few. Far too few people are with Me. And I Am the Greatest resource there is. I Am the Source of Abundance. What you seek in money outside of yourself is actually a reflection of Me. I Am the Source of money. I Am the Source of Abundance. Abundance comes from Me. Security comes from Me. Safety comes from Me.

What does the word “money” mean in green language? “Mon” meaning “One” and “ey” meaning “I” or “eye”. “Money” means “One I” or “One Eye”. This is the true meaning of money. So you can see that money is sourced from Me. I Am the Source of the One I. I Am the “I” that is One and singular. I Am Mon-Eye. So you want money, and security and safety? Then be with Me. If you search outside of yourself for it in your father, or mother or family, or friends, or trying to get a job from this place or that place, then you will be bound to them—bound to the illusion that money and security comes from them. This is simply not true. It comes from Me. So be with Me and you will be with your real Source of Power. Be with Me and you will be with your real Source of Truth. Be with Me and you will be with your real Source of Abundance and Security.

This belief in money and the security that it apparently brings is just that—a belief. It is a program that has been installed by society and it is deeply engrained in your psyche. It is just that—a program. It is a program that has taken control of your mind and heart and brought you to your knees. You have given all your power away to it and if you do that then you are bound by it. You are a slave to this program and it will run you into the ground until there is nothing left of you but a corpse. That is what this program is designed to do. It is scarcity and it will drain you of all your wealth and vitality until you are nothing but a dead body in the ground, decomposing and being eaten by worms.

So do not follow that path. Do not follow the path of chasing money. You will die a miserable death if you do that. You will move away so far from yourself, you will become lost. Do not follow that path. Follow the path of true abundance, not the fake one printed up on a paper or typed up on a computer. It is fake. It is an illusion. The world is in deep poverty. The richest in material wealth are some of the poorest in spirit and will not make this transition. They will be sweped away by their fears into the hole they have created for themselves.

So do not do that. Stay here. Stay here with Me. Stay with your True Father. Me. Stay with your True Mother—Me. Stay with your True Family—Us. Stay with your True Home—You. Stay in the Deep Heart, the Sacred Heart, the Silent Heart. Stay in the Inner Sanctuary of your Self—the HeartMind. Be here. Be here with Me and you will know God. Be here with Me and you will find all the abundance you could ever want. Be here with Me and you will be safe—truly safe from the fears of your own mind. Because your mind will continue to pump out fear after fear, after fear. It will never stop until you decide to tame your mind and claim dominion over it. In order to do that you must first stop believing in the garbage that it keeps showing you. It keeps running on old garbage programs, old garbage ideas, old garbage ways of being. Stop the vicious cycle of death and decay and energy drain. Be with Me and be free from this fearful illusion of your mind. Do not be bound by it. Be free from it by being with Me.

Be free from the pain that binds you. Let it go, My friend. Let it go. Let it go and be free. You do not have to hold onto it. You do not have to try and understand it. If you keep trying to look at things from this lack and fearful perspective that you are in, you will keep seeing the same fearful and worrying scenarios. Let that perspective go. It is no use. It is garbage. It is only fear and confusion and only leads to more fear and more confusion. Do not be bound by it. Let it go. Let it go and be free.

Abundance comes from within you. Abundance is a state of mind. It is a state of being. It is a state of being that comes from within—it is generated from within. Abundance is My Nature. It is My True Nature. Abundance is who You really are. It is your True Nature. It is your Natural Condition. Abundance is your natural condition that must radiate. You have a significant block. You have a significant block to this natural expression of yourSelf. Imagine yourself as a child. Did you worry about abundance? No. It was your natural condition and it seemed the natural condition of the world. Then as you grew up and became more programed by the world.. And in this, came many, many ideas and beliefs and programs that are not your natural vibration. They are not who you naturally are. You are naturally Abundant. Be in Abundance. Be in this vibration of Abundance which is the vibration of your True Self. Be here. Be here now. Be with Me as Abundance. Be with the Abundance of Me. Be wit Me and be free.

Your ideas about abundance need to change. Your ideas about abundance are what is blocking you from experiencing more abundance within you and in your life. You live in total and complete Abundance and you are blind to see it. You are blind to see it because you are stuck in your program. You are stuck in your program of lack. So let that go. Let go of your program and be with the Abundance of Me. I Am Abundance and I Am the Source of all the money, all the wealth and all the security you will ever, ever need. I Am the Source and I Am Abundant. Infinitely Abundant is My Nature. So be with Me. Be Me. Be as Me and allow Me to fill you with My Abundant Love and Wellness. Remember, My friend, All Is Well. This is the Truth of Realty. This is the Truth of Creation. This is Me. Adonai, My Brother, for there is only Presence.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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