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The Storm, Preparation and Knowledge

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

May 26, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

The Storm. Prepare yourself for the coming, most intense part of this Storm. The fall and winter will be the darkest and most intense parts for humanity. It will be the final point that either makes or breaks people. The people who survive this time will become highly resilient and highly immune to Darkness and evil. It will be most vicious. It will be about three times as dark as this time has been (the April lockdown). There will be a total black out of electronics and the whole psychoelectronic system of the planet. During this time there will be a deep reboot. Humanity is going to go through the crucifixion and die for 3 days only to be reborn anew. And then the truth will begin to be revealed. The truth that has been disclosed so far are trickles compared to the wave that is coming. The dam of truth has been cracking and leaking and some have been trying to figure out the whole ocean that is behind the dam with the trickles and leaks of water that have been taking place. Sure, the people that have been analyzing the leaks of water will be more prepared for when the dam breaks than the people who are not. However, that is not the most important part of this preparation. What matters the most and will be the most useful and practical and a true gift, will be Knowledge—your spiritual connection. It is your spiritual connection to Knowledge that will be the true gold and the true savior during these times and the times to follow. Knowledge is the key. Knowledge is what will prepare you. Knowledge is what will heal you and strengthen you. Knowledge is what will be your saving grace. It is only in Knowledge that you can truly take refuge from the current and coming Storm.

The Storm is here and it will soon be very dark and very violent. It is during this time that you must be most focused and connected and grounded to Knowledge. For it is Knowledge that will harmonize you in a time of great chaos. The time of most intense chaos will be about six months or so. Then it will begin to lighten and continue to lighten until the Storm has passed and a new day can dawn. But many will be swept away in this Storm. Many will die, spiritually and physically. It will be the final breaking point of the the old system of death and control—a system, physically and metaphysically, that has been in place for a very, very long time. A system that has taken root in all aspects of human culture and society and biology and consciousness. The human mind will be broken open to the Truth and the Truth shall set you fee.

It is important for you to prepare with food and water and shelter, because there will be disruptions during this time. It will not be like what you see in the movies with mass chaos and riots, although that will happen in some parts of the world. But there will be disruptions to the normal supply chain of food, water and utilities. Therefore it is important for you to be prepared and have a supply ready when you need it. This time will come in the fall or winter. You will know when it is coming. You will feel it and your will see the signs, if you are prepared with Knowledge. Listen to Knowledge and you will be prepared. It is the time when fear meets with power and then is transformed into truth—truth-power. It is the time when fear alchemizes into power.

You have many powerful allies and guides that are here to serve you. Call upon them and they will be here to assist you. They will help you reclaim the spiritual strength when you have lost it and they will help you make the necessary decisions that you need to make and guide you in the right direction. This will be the time you have been waiting for. This will be a time of great excitement, commitment, strength and transformational power.

So rejoice My brothers and sisters! The final point of transformation that you all have been waiting for and preparing for is finally coming to pass. Rejoice! In the beauty and Love-Light of Our Infinite Creator. Blessings to you and love on your path. We love you. Adonai.

It is time to rejoice in the Love-Light of our Infinite One. Behold the Second Coming of the Kristos! We are here. Adonai.

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