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The Updated Golden Rule and Being in the Moment

November 21, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

The Law of Love. The Law of Love is what commands. The Law of Love is what commands all. It is what rules the Universe and all of Creation. Choosing to be in alignment with the Law of Love is a choice to be free from suffering. The degree to which you live in harmony with the Law of Love is the degree to which you will suffer. It is that simple. There are many expressions of the Law of Love and it can be as simple or as complex as you want to understand it. Its rule is simple yet its applications can be infinitely complex.

In terms of human behavior it can be summed up simply as the Golden Rule or as Mark Passio calls it, the “Updated Golden Rule”: Do no harm (feminine principle) and take no shit (masculine principle). These two principles are non violence and self defense. Live your life to the fullest, as long as you do not harm others in the process. If you harm others, then return back to “Do No Harm” and reflect and forgive and correct one’s harmful actions. If you are harmed by others, then you must defend yourself from that harm so that you maintain your own sovereignty. It is very simple. Live according to this rule and you will live your life free of suffering. It is a process and it takes time to learn and to apply because you have been so conditioned to live in violation to this rule. Be patient and practice forgiving yourself and others in this process. Adonai.

Be here Now. This is the saying that you often hear. But what does it mean? What does Be Here Now mean? It means to be here, right now, in this Present Moment. Because right here, right now in this Present Moment is when everything happens. The future does not happen, except now. And the past does not happen, except now. Everything happens now. Everything! So be Here Now is your gateway to Infinity. It is your gateway to infinite possibility and it is your gateway to infinite stability and knowing. Being here now taps you into the Creative Impulse and Wisdom and Love of Creation. And it is here that the real magic lies. Be here now, and you will know God. Adonai.

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