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Time-Space and Space-Time and the 4 Quadrants

April 11-12, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

We are One Mind who speaks through you. We are you, from the future. We are here now to merge with you and to cultivate time and space with you. So hear Us now. We are here to help your evolution. We are here and We are guiding you. We are guiding you through this transition you are in. We are here for you, always.

Let Us talk about time with you. It starts with Emptiness, Formlessness, Infinity or Intelligent Infinity. This is all there is. This is the Ground. This is the foundation. This is the Ground of your True Self. It is the Witness. The Witness is Empty. It is Empty of all objects. It is free of time and space, because it has not entered the stream of time or the finiteness of space. Emptiness is Infinity itself and it is Consciousness itself. Hence the term, Intelligent Infinity. As Intelligent Infinity, or Consciousness or Emptiness begins to manifest itself it begins to create several fundamental patterns or principles of reality. One of these foundational, archetypal principles is space itself and time itself.

As manifestation begins, time and space is created. It is not expressed as your mainstream physics describes it. It is partial but also rooted in confusion. Space and time are expressed in perfect harmony and order. Space and time are expressed as the Quadrants, which we will discuss in a minute. Pure Emptiness, pure Nothingness manifests with a primal geometry. That geometry is a tetrahedron. Think of a tetrahedron. It is a pyramid with a triangle base. Whichever way you look at it, there is the principle of 3 with the integrative or transcendent 4th principle or point. One tetrahedron manifests time with 3 dimensions or vectors of time—past, present, future—and one dimension of space. This is called time-space. It is 1 dimension of space with 3 dimensions of time. So, in time-space, you can move around in time just like you move around in space. You can move forward, backwards, sideways, up, down and around. You can move exactly as you do in space as you do in time. Why? Because there are 3 dimensions. There is length, width, and height. There is volume to time. Time is a 3-dimensional phenomena just as space. But what is this 1 dimension of space thing? Well, let Us explain it to you. Time is your interior space. Time-space is your inner domain. It is the domain of the Left Hand Quadrants. Your consciousness, your ideas, your feelings, your meaning making, your memories, your dreams, your goals, your aspirations, your beliefs, your identity, your inner language, your sense of self, all exist in the domain of time-space.

Now let Us explain this one dimension of space thing. Let’s do an exercise. Take a deep breath and focus your attention inward. Go ahead and notice how you feel right now. Notice your thoughts and feelings. Notice this present moment, just as it is. Whether you feel tired, angry, sad, anxious, bored, indifferent or interested, it does not matter. Just notice your inner state in this moment right now. Now focus on a memory. It can be any memory whether it was yesterday, one minute ago or 10 years ago. Any memory of the past. Think about it, envision it, feel it. Make the memory alive, feel yourself there in that memory. Dive into that past moment.

Now let’s think about the future. Think about what you have planned for tomorrow or what you want to do 10 minutes from now or even what your goals in life are. Envision a future. Any future—your life, fulfilling all your dreams, aspirations and gifts in this life. You have done it and you feel fulfilled. Envision that and feel that.

Now bring yourself back to this moment, take a deep breath and open your eyes. Cool huh? You go on a ride? You experienced yourself in this moment, then you experienced a memory of your past and then you experienced a potential future. You did all that and where did your body go? Are you still sitting in this room? Did your get up and leave? No. Your physical space stayed the same and as you sat there this whole time your were traveling back and forth in time in your mind. You did all that in the space of your mind. That space did not change. The physical space of your brain did not change as you made your brief inner journey. That is that one dimension of space. You went forward, backwards and sideways in time without moving your physical body. 3 dimensions of time and 1 of space.

Now getting back to Our manifestation discussion of time, just as time manifests as a tetrahedron, so does space. Space manifests itself as a tetrahedron too. There are 3 dimensions of space—length, width, and height— and one of time. This is called a more familiar term—this is called space-time. Space-time is 3 dimensions of space and one dimension of time. Space-time are the Right Hand Quadrants of behavior and systems. It is the objective and inter objective world. You can walk around and hear birds chirping and have a physical body and see the Earth and all its ecosystems and see houses and refrigerators and floors and everything else we know as concrete, physical world objects are all within the domain of space-time. You are familiar with this reality fairly well, are you not?

So Emptiness or Intelligent Infinity manifests 3 dimensions of time with one fixed point of space as well as 3 dimensions of space and one of time. This is time-space and space-time. One is the inverse of the other. Or better described: TIme-space is the interior of space-time and space-time is the exterior of time-space. They are both different, but inseparable dimensions of the same moment or phenomena of reality.

So time-space is your inner domain of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, shared meaning, memories, aspirations, etc. Time-space is the domain of your subjective and intersubjective experience. It is the domain of your personal intentionality and inner world space as well as the shared meaning and understanding and relationship you have with other people, other beings, and all life. It is your shared space of mutual resonance, mutual understanding (or lack there of) and shared meaning.

Space-time is the space of objective and inter objective reality. It is the domain of physicality (and its spectrum of gross, to subtle, to causal, mass-energies), and behavior and systems of external things like social systems, ecosystems and galactic systems. This is all the domain of space-time—what you usually call objective reality. And the different hard sciences and social sciences deal primarily with this domain of reality.

So time-space are the Left Hand Quadrants and space-time are the Right Hand Quadrants. The Lower Left Quadrant is just time-space as it expresses itself between sentient beings—it is the collective interior—the time-space of the collective, if you will. It is the time-space of We, the time-space between you and me. We are communicating through the shared time-space of both of us right now. We are communicating through the shared time-space of the collective. The Lower Right Quadrant is the shared space-time of sentient beings. It is the external collective shared space-time sentient beings inhabit. We inhabit worlds, worlds of systems within systems, within systems—all the way up and all the way down. These Four Quadrants of the Interior and Exterior of the Individual and the Interior and Exterior of the Collective can also be explained as the time-space and the space-time of the Individual and the time-space and the space-time of the Collective. Both are the same and different perspectives on the same phenomena. Enjoy the experience!

The subject of time travel is a bit more complex as it involves the different levels of Time-Space and its corresponding manipulation of objects, energies and events in Space-Time. Let’s just say that it requires consciousness at the upper Causal level (upper Archetypal level) to manipulate internally (within time-space) and it can also require technology that manipulates Causal mass-energies (within the domain of space-time). When you have a consciousness that is lower than the Causal level in its development, especially moral development, manipulating Causal energies (time lines) with advanced technologies, then you usually get disastrous results. That is a big factor on what has happened and is happening to planet Earth and the development of humanity. It is the abuse of these advanced technologies by beings who have a lower than Causal moral development that has caused so many problems for the human race. This is one of the central things that humanity will have to wake up to and recon with, if humanity is to evolve into a mature and enlightened civilization. You have to become aware of the problem first, before you can fix it. By becoming aware of the problem allows you to fix it in the right way.

You can alter your own personal timeline by doing your own inner work—or more technically, work in time-space. This is done often actually, without knowing that that is what is occurring. When you go back to your childhood in your mind and heal a trauma and that thus affects how you feel and behave now in the present—that is doing your own personal time travel. You can go back to your ancestral lineage and heal wounds in your ancestral line—long before you were born—and thus heal yourself here in the present. Why can you do that? Because your DNA has the genetic memories of your entire lineage and because they are within your own body, you can heal them and change them. DNA is a transmitter and storage of information. So it will transmit and receive information stored in the Causal Storehouse of your Higher Self (because your Causal Storehouse records all experience ever had by a soul, even information of your soul group). This is what DNA does—it transmits and stores information.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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