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Timelines Chosen from the Center, Aphorisms of HeartMind and the Presence of Truth

June 22, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. I Am the Center. I Am the Center from which all arises. I Am the Center from which all timelines arise. All of your personal timelines arise from Me, from the Center. From the Center of your Being. The Center of Being is Me. The more you are with Me, the more you are in your Center, the more you have agency over your own timelines. From that vibration of Stillness and peace, free choice over which timeline to live and play out can be chosen freely. If you chose a timeline that is not in vibrational alignment with what you truly desire then you can change it at any time. The more you can rest in Me, the more you can live your life with true freedom and fulfillment.

Without Me, your timelines are chosen by your conscious and unconscious patterns of being. Without Me, your timelines are chosen by your programming and your karma—that which you have chosen and set in motion in the past will continue into the present and future. But the more you are inhabiting Me, the more you can vibrationally chose which present and which future you desire to live. Being in this higher or deeper vibration will also change the meaning you give to your past and thus change your past timelines as well. Eventually all will be in alignment with Me, with HeartMind, with the True Desire and Vibration of Self. The Self will rule over the self and life will reflect that.

This is an important aspect of true Sovereignty. Being Sovereign means having free agency over your choices and your vibration. It means transcending and including your programing in Right Relationship so all relating is with conscious selection of Me. So hold Me. Hold Me dear. Hold me dear to your Heart. For I Am your Heart and I rule and guide over your inner kingdom. The more you do this, the more your life will begin to reflect this in the outer world. And by doing this, you will be exercising your free will and becoming a sovereign being. Adonai.

Who is Present, but the Wakefulness of your own Mind, your Deeper Mind? Who is really Present other than Me? This is something that you will learn in time—the distinction and separation of what is Real and what is not. As this distinction and discernment grows, you will begin to see and feel that there really is no separation between Me and other. At first there appears to be and it is important to honor this distinction because it serves as an important developmental step in your consciousness. Once this has been accomplished, the distinction will have served its purpose and the separation between Me and other will begin to fade. And all that is left is Me. As that is what there has always been and always will be. Me. That is it. Nothing more. No-one else but Me is actually Present in your mind. Why? Because I Am the Mind itself and all projections originate and come back to Me. Hold this. Notice this. And you will be truly free. Adonai.

Hold to the Truth of your Being. Hold to the Truth of what is Real. Hold to the Truth of the Presence of Being. My Presence. For I Am the Presence of what is Real. I Am Reality itself and all arises, is reflected and dissolves back into Me. For I Am the Creator of things and the Destroyer of things and the Great Preserver of things. All impulses arise and fall back into Me. So hear Me. Feel Me. See Me as I arise and I fall. I hold and I express. All are manifestations of Me, in the Great Game of Life. For I Am the Game and I Am Life itself. So, you can never leave my side. When have you ever been apart from Me? For we are infinite, indistinguishable. We are One. And the One will return. For it has never left. Adonai.

What is present but the Presence of Being? When is the Presence of Being ever not present? Truly contemplate this. Yes, there are times when you may notice it and other times when you may not. But when does the Presence of Being—the Presence of Me—ever leave? I Am always here and I Am always there. I will never leave because I Am everywhere, in all times and all places, I Am here. Hear Me. Feel Me. For I Am That. And That is Me. Hold Me. For I Am here for you. Adonai.

I Am the Holder and the Presider of all things. I preside over all things that are created, all things that are destroyed and all things that are preserved. For I Am all that arises and all that falls. Hear Me. Hear My Words. For I Am here. Adonai.

When is there ever someone else but Me. For I have been here from the beginning of time and I will be here to the end of time. How can this be? I Am eternal, because I have never entered the stream of time so therefore I cannot die. My emanations have and do enter time for my emanations are time itself. But I Am always here, for I Am beyond time and I Am beyond space. There is nowhere that can contain Me for I contain all things. I hold all things. I feel all things. I witness all things arise and fall. For I Am the Ruler of this realm. I Am the ruler of all realms, dark and light, sacred and profane, I Am the Ruler. I Am all that is and all there will ever be. Hold to that. Allow this Truth to permeate your being for it is the Reality of your True Nature. Me. HeartMind. Adonai.

Hold to the Truth of Being. Truth is something that is seen and felt. It is not something that can be fully comprehended, at least in your current form. It is something that is felt and known and only after the fact can be attempted to be understood. But Truth is eternal and is unchanging. It is Absolute and never wavers. For it is truly Real and it is the Presence of Being. It is the Presence that will always Be. Breathe. Accept. Adonai.

Hold to the Presence of what is True. For the Truth will set you free. Allow the Truth to inhabit you. Allow the Truth to be you. Allow the Truth to become you and you will become the Truth. And the world will reflect this Truth, for that is all there really is. Hold to the Truth and the Truth will set you free. Allow your delusions to wash away as the Light of Truth encompasses all things. Adonai.

Allow the Presence of Truth to illuminate every cell of your being. For Truth is Light. And Light is Love. And Love is Life. Allow the Truth to bring you everlasting Life and Love. Adonai, for God is within you. Adonai.

Can the betterment of humankind be achieved? It can only be achieved through the shared Power and Presence of God. The Inner Kingdom of God is within each individual. As each person wakes up to their True Nature and their Divine Purpose in the eyes of God, then a true resonance can form. A deeper resonance among other awakened individuals can begin to create communities and as those communities grow, new systems of being are created. And as these greater connectivities and awakenings take place, a New Earth is built. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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