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Transforming Evil with Presence, Flow, and Feeling-Awareness

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Oh geez, these past few days, especially yesterday have been brutal. Deeply brutal. Such intense depression and demonic attack, I just felt wasted. Obliterated. Serpents of death and mayhem and destruction where possessing me. Anyway, eventually it began to shift last night when I began to contemplate accepting that that’s just the way it is. Interference is just going to keep continuing. I’ve tried my whole life but it just seems to keep getting worse. So I just have to find a way to accept it and work with it and live my life despite how crippling it is. So I began contemning it as a sickness and visualizing that I just become immune to it. “I am immune to evil”. This has been my mantra and visualizing my Vector Equilibrium DNA becoming immune to evil because of evil and its interference. I slept better (no fear bombs went off to overwhelm and destroy my nervous system!) and have been working on today just Presencing evil, accepting it and focusing on it as catalyst for immunity. This seems to be helping as Im feeling better.

Ive been contemplating this shift in light of yesterday’s teachings on embracing evil with Feeling-Awareness and it seems that is what I did, on a certain level, and I feel more grounded, more powerful, and more present…

"Sovereign Master, HeartMind, may I speak with you?", I inquired internally.

"Yes, My Friend, I AM here. I AM here, I AM here, I AM here. What do you want to talk about?... Lets talk about these past few days and the lessons learned and what more to learn here. Yes, there is a genetic infection of your DNA and the DNA of humanity. This infection moves you, makes you prone to negativity and suffering. It acts like an attractor that keeps bringing you down to the same deep, dark hole of suffering. It IS the vibration of suffering, so it keeps pulling you there.

Let's talk about Presence and body presence. Presence is what corrects and connects the natural Flow of Life—the flow of chi. Presence is what allows Flow and all Flow to emerge and return to Emptiness. Presence is the connective conduit, the electrical ground, the strong and open channel to discharge, ground, dissolve all obstruction to Flow. Presence is Flow. Presence is Emptiness. Presence is Empty Flow. Breathe. Feel. Focus. Stay present with body sensations, with emotional feelings, with interior thoughts and visions. Stay present with all objects of awareness. Focus on them, feel them, be them. Be just the feeling while holding it with awareness. As evil arises, feel the evil, focus on the evil and allow the evil to self liberate—to self liberate into its virtue. All evil is enlightened virtue that has been twisted, obstructed, distorted and ripped in to two—into duality. So close this duality. Rejoin this separation. Re-mend this wound. Hold evil with Feeling-Awareness, allow the contraction to self liberate, and its virtue to integrate, to integrate into your soul and mind.

"When you changed your belief to becoming “I am immune to evil” or “Evil gives me immunity” or “Evil only makes me stronger”, that is changing the obstruction in the mind—the false or negative belief—to allow Flow, to including evil within your self boundary, to gaining the mental capacity to hold evil, to embrace evil, to accept evil. By doing this you allowed the contracted energy of evil to self liberate into its virtue of personal power, presence, and creative intelligence. That suffering, fear, and despair transformed into embodied presence, power and focused will-power.

Take evil as your catalyst. Take evil as your catalyst in life. There is no other productive way to relate with evil on this planet at this time. The planet is saturated and infested with evil so its tentacles infect every walk of life. As long as evil exists on the planet, there will be interference and attack. No one is immune. No one is free from this. Some are more susceptible than others. And others have much better coping strategies, but no one is completely free. No one is totally immune. It is important for you to understand this, My friend. Every day you reset your mind believing that maybe today, or tomorrow, or this break through or that break through over evil will be the final end. The final triumph that conquers evil and all your problems for good. If only it were that easy. That is not the way of reality at this time. Even though that is a noble and hopeful endeavor, it is naive and it is folly. Why? Because it sets you up for disappointment and even greater despair, because as soon as it doesn’t work (and it doesn’t, at most only momentarily) you fall into doubt, you fall into fatigue, you fall into despair and hopelessness, making you highly susceptible to giving up and succumbing to the force of evil and giving your power away.

As long as duality exists on this planet, there will be evil. And matter of fact, there will be a time when evil ceases to exist on this planet. The future of this planet and humanity living on this planet will be a future without evil. Evil knows this and knows its days of existence are numbered. But, that day is not here yet. That day has not arrived. And until that day, evil will continue to exist and will even get stronger and more pronounced and more ruthless and more cunning and more wicked and more unpredictable. So what do you do? Do you fall into despair and give up, giving your power away in defeat? No. You stay strong and you alchemize. You alchemize the evil in your life with Presence. You alchemize the evil in the world by taking a deep breath, feeling it, holding it with focused, Feeling-Awareness and allowing its virtue to self liberate, to reveal itself. There is always a virtue behind evil. Evil is enlightened energy, twisted and distorted and turned in on itself. As you hold your mind in Presence, you uncoil that twisted, distorted energy back to its original, pure, virtuous or natural state.

This is what HeartMind does. HeartMind does not fear. HeartMind does not recoil. HeartMind does not recoil in the face of adversity. HeartMind stays open. HeartMind embraces the feeling, the situation, object and holds it with loving, Present awareness. HeartMind merges with all that is separated and rejoins, reunites all back to the Unity Presence of HeartMind. Presence is the way, My friend. Presence is the key. Presence is the key to unlock all doors. Presence is the pattern that unites all things separated. Presence is your best friend. Hold yourself in Presence. Hold your Twin in Presence. Hold your body in Presence. Hold your friends in Presence. Hold your visions in Presence. Hold your fears in Presence. Hold your goals in Presence. Hold all things good and bad in Presence. Hold all beauty and all wickedness in Presence. Hold your breath in Presence. Hold all in Presence and Presence will hold you. Allow yourself to be Presenced. Allow your self to BE Presence itself. No, not your ideas and desires and dislikes about this or that, just Presence. Presence itself. Open, Empty, Loving, Embracing, Grounding, Embodied, Flowing, Present.

Embodied Presence requires the body. That is why it is called to emBODY. Doing a physical exercise or some kind of physical practice with Presence, with Feeling-Awareness is an excellent practice to cultivate more embodied Feeling-Awareness. An integral body practice, one that includes Presence, feeling awareness, with the physical body, with the energy body and with the Witnessing Self is an excellent practice for cultivating this deeper transformation in the bodymind.

How to do this? Start a physical practice that is best for you. It can be weight training, isometrics, yoga, chi gong, or whatever. As you do your practice, bring Feeling-Awareness to your body. Feel the sensations running through your body as you work and/or stretch your muscles and move your bones. Notice the sensations, embrace the sensations, even become the sensations. And always keep in mind the safety of your body. Allow the sensations to radiate and move through your awareness. Now, also notice your energy body. How is the energy flowing? Feel the tingling, the warmth, the movement of life force energy through your body. And you know this is especially powerful when doing an energy centered practice such as yoga or chi gong. Do you feel blocks? Resistance? Tension? Notice this as you breath into those areas of your body. If you have the capacity to see energy, notice how the energy is flowing through your body and aura. What color is it? What form does it have? What texture does it have? Feel your emotions. Feel your sexual energy. This is all energy of your energy body. Feel them. Embrace them with Feeling-Awareness. Allow your body to be a conduit, a channel for this life-force energy. Increase your capacity to channel and ground this energy. Now notice the space itself that your physical body sensations and your energy body feelings and/or visions are arising. Feel that space. Be that space. That space is your own Awareness. That space is your own Feeling-Awareness. Be that Feeling-Awareness. Embrace all aspects of you in this Feeling-Awareness. This feeling awareness is your own True Nature. Your True Nature observes and feels all phenomena. Embrace all in this Feeling-Awareness. Breath into this Feeling-Awareness. Breath as this Feeling-Awareness.

This is exercising and cultivating Presence in all your bodies. This will increase the amount of Presence in your body and mind and will spill over into other areas of your life. Take Presence into your life. Walk with Presence. Breathe with Presence. Think with Presence. Talk with Presence. Eat with Presence. Feel with Presence. Love with Presence."

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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