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Trinary Expression of Expansion, Contraction and Stillness, Dark Forces, and Emptiness

April 10, 2020

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Movement. Let’s talk about movement. Movement is a primary and fundamental force of the Universe. Everything moves, everything spins. The polarity, the tension between movement and stillness is expressed as Spin. Everything spins because of this dynamic tension between stillness and movement. There are 3 fundamental forces of the Universe: Expansion, Contraction and Stillness. Stillness is the neutral point between expansion and contraction. Expansion is a positive force. Contraction is a negative force. Stillness is a neutral force. Stillness neutralizes all expansion and contraction. Stillness neutralizes the polarities. When expansion, contraction and stillness are in balance then there is an overall ordered and positive force in the Universe. When expansion and contraction are out of balance, then there is disharmony and overall negative effect in the Universe. What causes balance or imbalance? It is stillness. Stillness, or neutrality is the missing piece in the equation of polarities. It is the missing 3rd force or 3rd aspect in the equation of duality that brings order to the system. Without stillness, expansion and contraction become imbalanced and begin to oppress each other, take over each other. They begin to fight and try to dominate each other because there is no 3rd neutral party to resolve the conflict. When stillness, the 3rd force enters the arena, the forces of expansion and contraction are forced to listen, they are forced to surrender their control. They are forced to balance and in that balancing, paradoxically, the apposing forces unify.

This is what the Dark forces do not understand. And this is why their plans will ultimately fail. They do not understand these fundamental physics and fundamental principles of Creation. They try to be the 3rd force by creating artificial dualities and pitting them against each other. But that just creates more imbalance and creates more entropy in the system and this leads to more chaos and confusion, even for them. They do not understand the forces they are working with. They are attempting to create order out of chaos, by pitting the two forces against each other, but that is impossible. They only create more chaos. And per the physics of the Universe, the more chaos is created, the more order is called into being to neutralize that chaos. The principles of the Universe demand that order overcomes chaos. Not by Dark Forces’ insane view of “order out of chaos” so they can maintain their control, which is another form of chaos by the way, it is not true order—because it is order that is forced, violently. What they are doing is creating chaos and trying to create a higher level chaos out of the lower order chaos, thinking it is order. It won’t work. It cannot work. It is Universal Law, and no matter how much they try, they will only create more chaos. Because that is the only thing they know how to do. Why? Because they have internal chaos. Having internal chaos and trying to create external order will not create external order. It will only create more external chaos. What they think is order is actually chaos. Their minds are totally insane and they are ignorant to this notion and the proper use of Universal Law. That is why they have, unknown to them, they have invited the 3rd force of stillness, neutrality. Because Universal Law demands, through physics, that too much chaos invites order to harmonize that chaos.

So stillness is the neutral point that balances the chaos of imbalanced expansion and contraction. Stillness is what unifies expansion and contraction. Yang and yin. Expansion, yang and contraction, yin. The Dark Forces have eliminated true knowledge of the polarities because they think they can be the 3rd force. That is impossible. It will never happen. Why? Because the 3rd force is God. It is Stillness. It is Emptiness. And they are not God. They are either yin or yang but they are not stillness. They have turned their back on God and they have to reconnect themselves to God to become Still again. That is the only way. There is no other way around it. God rules all. Emptiness rules all. Everything must return to Emptiness because everything is born out of Emptiness. Everything is Emptiness. Everything is Stillness, in motion. Emptiness envelopes, is all. You can only try to escape Emptiness for so long. Emptiness is the ever present condition that will always be and has always been and has never even been. It is beyond time and space. It is all that is arising and everything in existence and non existence. Emptiness is all. All is Emptiness.

So how do you apply this to your life? Breathe. Be Still. That is all. Bring Stillness into your movement. Your mind is moving—thinking, conceptualizing, envisioning, imagining, feeling. Your heart is moving—feeling, running away from this feeling, running towards that feeling. Your body is moving—frantically going from this place to that place, nervous, can’t be still. Bring Stillness into your movement. How? Breathe. Feel. Witness. Breathe into your pain. Breathe into your feelings. Breathe into your joy. Breathe into your thinking. Breathe into your imagination. Breathe into your hopes, your dreams, your fears. And breathe out your pain, breathe out your feelings, breathe out your joy, breathe out your thinking, breathe out your imagination, breathe out your hopes, your dreams, your fears. Breathe them in and breathe them out. What is still there? Who is still there? Did you die? Did the world end? Did all of reality collapse? No. Only You remain. Your feelings come and they go. Your thoughts come and they go. Your sensations come and they go. But who remains? What remains? You do. Who is feeling those feelings? Who is thinking those thoughts? Who is experiencing those sensations and the whole drama of life? You are. You are always here. And by you we do not mean your body or your mind. Because that changes. That changes all the time. Your body is changing. Its tired, it has energy, it is sick, it is healthy. Your mind thinks thousands of thoughts and feels thousands of feelings in a day and dreams a thousands dreams in a night and who is still there? Who is still in existence? Who where you yesterday? Who are you today? Who will you be tomorrow? Many objects of your awareness will change—your feelings, your thoughts, your sensations—but who will still be experiencing them? You will. After your body dies, who will be there? Before your body was born, who was there? Who is here beneath all those thoughts and feelings? You are. The Witness. I AMness. You are the silent Witness, experiencing all that is arising. You are the Space in which everything is arising.

Take a deep breath. Notice the sensations of your breath. Feel your breath’s sensations. Feel it fully. Embrace it, become those feelings. Hold them, be intimate with them, become them. Be one with them. Now, as you are these sensations, as you feel these sensations, notice that you are also the space in which those sensations arise. You have to be, otherwise you could not feel them or experience them. You are the Space in which those sensations arise. You are that Space. You are the Space in which your feelings arise. Feel them. How? Because you are the Space in which those feelings are being felt. You are the Space in which those feelings arise. Be that Space. You already are that Space, whether you notice it or not. You cannot deny that you are that Space because you Are. That would be like denying you have an arm even though you obviously have one. You are in a case of deep confusion because you do not notice who you already are. Now, notice your thoughts. Notice the Space in which your thoughts are arising. Who is looking at your thoughts? Who is witnessing your thoughts? Notice the Space in which your thoughts are arising. Notice those thoughts. You are that Space. You are the Space in which those thoughts are arising. So how could they ever hurt you? How could your feelings ever really hurt you? If you are the Space in which you thoughts are arising then they cannot hurt you because they are inside You! They are not outside of You. They are inside of You. You are bigger than your thoughts. You are much bigger. Now notice your feelings. How could your feelings ever hurt you? If you are the Space in which your feelings are arising then your feelings are inside of You, not outside of You. They could never do anything to you but feel. You can feel because you are bigger than your feelings because these feelings are arising inside You. You are the Space in which they are arising. You are that Space.

Now notice your sensations. How could your sensations ever hurt you? You are the Space in which your sensations are arising so how could you sensations ever hurt you? They are inside of your awareness, not the other way around. If you are aware of your thoughts or your feelings or your sensations then by definition they are occurring inside of You because they are arising inside of your awareness. You feel them and you experience them. You are the Space in which all things arise.

Feel into that Space. You are the space in which everything is arising. Feel this Space. Feel this Space in which all your thoughts, all your feelings and all your sensations are arising. You are this Space. You are the Space itself. And this Space is also feeling itself. It is a Feeling-Awareness that touches all objects in your Awareness but is also free of those objects. They are arising within your Feeling-Awareness. Feel this Space. Feel this Space now. Feel this Space now. Feel this Space now. Feel this Space again, again, again, and again. Feel this Space now. This Space is your own Feeling-Awareness. It is ever present. Always is. Always was. Always will be. It will never get old or die. Why? Because it never entered the stream of time to begin with. It is radically free and radically full. It tastes all that is arising, experiences them, feels them and yet is beyond them—it is radically free of them. You are this Space. You are this Space. You are this Feeling-Aware Space. This Space is Awareness itself. It is your own Consciousness. It is your ever-present Ground. It is your Infinite Ground. It is here and will always be there. It will never die, because it will never be born. It is always, already, Full and Free of all that will ever be. Be Here, Now.

And this Space is what? It is Still. This Space is Still. This Space is Stillness itself. It is Stillness itself because it is the still space in which all movement, contraction or expansion, is arising. It is the still Space in which all movement arises. Be Here. Be Still. Breathe into this Stillness. At the pause between every out breath and every in breath is a point of stillness. That point of stillness keeps the expansion and contraction of your breath and your lungs in balance. Without that still point, your lungs would expand too much and explode or they would contract for too long and implode and in either case you would die. It is the pause between the in breath and the out breath that keeps you alive and keeps the life-force flow in balance. Without it you would die.

So bring Stillness into your life. How? By noticing that it is already there. It has always been there. It will always be there. Stillness makes the world go round. So be there. Be Here Now. Be Still.

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