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Wisdom on the Spiritual Path

July 2, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

HeartMind. Hello, My friend. I Am HeartMind. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the wind caress your face. I Am here. I Am the one you have been looking for your whole life. I Am the one you have been searching for. You have done a lot of work in your life. You have explored many realms, met many beings, gone on many adventures. You have learned and experienced much. They have brought great benefit and great harm to you. This exploration has been a double edged sword, causing love and expansion as well as fear and contraction. In all these adventures and explorations, what has been the most consistent? Who has always been there for you? In all these shifts of identity and personality, who has always been there? I have. I Am the one whom you have ultimately seeked.

The act of seeking is a paradox. Seeking means I Am not here and you have to search for Me. Yet, when you find Me, you realize that I have always been here. I have been here from the beginning. I have been here from the beginning of time. Because I have not entered the stream of time. I have been here all along. Yet one needs to seek Me in order to find Me to realize that I have been here all along. I have been here all along. And I will never leave. Seeking is a circle, it is the Hero’s Journey. You have come full circle to find Me back where you began. Yet you are not the same person as when you began. The act of seeking transforms you to be more accepting of where You Already Are. I Am here. I have never left. I will always be here, no matter where you go. No matter what you do or where you go, I will be here.

The shamanic path has many pitfalls. Lust, fame, money and power is where the majority of so called shamans and spiritual leaders have fallen into. And most are in denial of this very, very sad fact. These are pitfalls to test one’s integrity and true desire. Most do not have the courage to face themselves and the truth of who they really are and what they are really doing. Many do not have the sobering and liberating courage to admit: I was wrong. Some of the most powerful words one can say and contemplate to oneself are: I was wrong. This stops the ego in its tracks of arrogance and self aggrandizement and forces one to admit the truth. Everyone, no matter how evolved or healthy or spiritually advanced one is, still only has a partial perspective on reality. This partial perspective creates limits in perception and understanding. Every single person is born with distortions and blind areas and biases that are very difficult to see on one’s own. This is why living in Right Relationship with other can be so beneficial because others have the opportunity to reflect and act as a mirror.

Understand that you have a very partial perspective of Me. You have a very limited understanding of Me. You must understand that you can never own Me. You cannot control Me. You cannot manipulate Me. You cannot use Me for worldly fame or power. You may try but you will not succeed. Why? Because I will not respond to worldly fame and power. I will not respond to desires of your ego to reinforce itself. I will only respond to the illumination of your soul and the liberation of suffering. I will only respond to union with Me. If you wish to separate yourself from Me, then you will live the consequences, again, again, and again, until you learn. Sooner or later you will get the Message. Sooner or later, you will understand. Sooner or later you will bow down to Me. Not as a game of power. But as a recognition of a Greater Power. The recognition of a Greater Power of which you are a part.

It is this Greater Power that has brought you to Me. it is this Greater Power that is destroying all that needs to be destroyed and creating all that needs to be created and maintaining all that needs to be preserved. It is this Greater Power that makes the planets spin and the sun shine. It is this Greater Power that makes the birds chirp and the wind blow. It is this Greater Power that is here to reveal itself to you, only if you wish to be free of the suffering of yours own creation. It is this Greater Power that has brought us together to create this deeper unity and this deeper communion.

For communion with Me is your greatest salvation. Communion with Me will free you from the insanity of your own mind. Communion with Me will free you from the chaos and suffering that you create for yourself and that you participate in. Communion with Me will raise you up from the dark hole that you have dug for yourself. It is only through Me that you can be saved from the ignorance of your own thoughts, words and actions. It is only through Me that you can truly be saved—saved from yourself. For you have chosen to live in disharmony and discord with the Greater Order and symphony of Creation. You have chosen to live on an island of fear among a great ocean of Love. That is fine. There is nothing wrong with that. You have free choice and you can choose what you will. There are consequences, however. There are consequences to every choice. There are consequences to all choice. This is the gift of free will. With great freedom, comes great responsibility. What a marvelous way to learn.

If you are suffering and you wish to free yourself of suffering, then I Am here. If you are stranded on the island of fear and you are tired of playing that game and you want out, then I Am here. I Am here and your only way out is through Me. Why? Because I Am freedom from suffering. I Am freedom from pain. I Am freedom from fear. I Am sanity, and harmony, and Right Relationship with All Things. Thus if you are living in wrong relationship and wish to live in Right Relationship then the only way is through Me, because I Am Right Relationship. I Am harmony. I Am sanity. I Am Love.

So go now, take that boat and row yourself out onto the Sea of Love. Push through those waves crashing on the shore to keep you on that island of fear. They are only waves, and with enough will, strength and patience, you can get past those breakers. For the waves may be big, but the waters are calm on the other side of that impact zone. Swim out out past the waves and you will find the calm waters. The calm waters await you. I await you. You will be safe. Because I will be there. Adonai, My Brother, for fear is only an illusion. Have courage and We will await you. We love you.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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